Best homemade beef and chicken noodle “pho” broth recipe

Pho – noodle soup considered one of the symbols of Vietnamese cuisine, the traditional Vietnamese food, is preferred by both Vietnamese and around the world. In fact, the broth base plays an important role on making a tasty noodle soup. Each kind of noodle such as beef, pork and chicken has a different recipe. Let’s learn the two following recipes with run cooking!

I. Broth bone recipe for beef noodle – pho


To make the sweet and clear broth with the tasty flavor, 1 few gingers, cinnamons and star anises are extremely important.

1 kg bone marrow

30-50 gram grilled ginger, remove burned shells, smash

1 onion, grill, remove shell

1-3 shallot, grill or fry slightly

1-2 cardamon, grill or fry, smash

1 Vietnamese sa sung (a kind of worm sea)

Cinnamon with 10-15 cm in length

Fish sauce, salt, rock sugar, seasoning powder


Step 1:

Smash bone marrow, cut into lengths, discard marrow inside. Then add salt and vinegar into water to soak bones in 1-2 hours, take out and clean with water

Removing the marrow inside bones makes broth slightly sweet, avoid be greasy.

Step 2:

Cook broth first time: boil 3 litters water, add a little salt, then slower heat, place bones to cook together.

Continue cooking in 5-6 hours, remove impurities and add water if it dries. When broth is finished, turn off the heat and wait until cool

Tip: Using the high pot, you will add little water and the broth is clearer.

Step 3:

Cook the broth second time: add to the broth 2 spoons fish sauce, heat in 80-90 °C. Remember not to cook in the high heat, broth base will be not clear.

Prepare cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, Star anise and onion to cook with the broth. Simmer in 2 hours, add sugar, salt and season until fit your taste, simmer more 15-30 minutes.

If the weather is too cold, add more ginger and cinnamon to have the warm feeling when eating noodles, but not add too much.

Step 4:

  • Take out ginger when time is enough.
  • Drain broth again through a drainer

In fact, you have a tasty broth simmered by beef bones. You can place to a can and use for the next time with 1kg bones, cook with 3 litters of broth.

To make broth tastier, you can use fried squid or “sa sung”, be careful to use just a little seasoning powder to make water base not too sweet and brackish. 2 tablespoons seasoning powder ratio with 1 tsp salt. Season to fit your appetite.

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II. Broth bone recipe for chicken “pho” – noodles

Canned chicken broth is available in the stores, but it is not delish enough. With the below recipe, you will have a fantastic and inexpensive chicken broth.

With a cook, chicken broth in the fridge is very convenient and more delectable than the normal water especially for a stir-fried dish or soup.

The indispensable ingredients

  • Chicken bone: to make chicken broth, you just need bones, not meat. Chicken bone bought from the market or supermarket is inexpensive. Or use bone of boiled or fried chicken.
  • Cool water: instead using boiling water like other bones, chicken bone particularly needs cool water which makes to keep the nutrient dissolved in water when cooking
  • Little sour: to make the minerals and calcium release when simmering bones, a little apple cider vinegar or tomatoes, white wine should be added because acids have effects on freeing minerals.

Optional ingredients

One of the secrets making the broth tastier is simmering with vegetables and fruits. If your fridge is available with onion, carrot, celery, etc. add them to make the water base appetizing and gently sweet.

  • Spices: salt, indispensible. Be careful, do not add salt into the chicken broth, add salt to the dish which is served with the broth.

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  • Add vegetables, chicken bones to the pot, cover with water, cook in 1 hour, remove the chicken fat scum rising on the top.
  • To get the best broth base, simmer in 4 hours. However, you can simmer less then 4 hours based on your situation. Use electric pressure cook to save time.
  • When the broth is done, wait till cool and then discard the residue on the bottom. Preserve in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Reheat when using. With this recipe for chicken broth, you will know how to make a tasty broth with the nutrient simmered and extracted to the pot.
  • The broth can be used in 4 days in the cool compartment. You can place to the freezer if you want to use in a longer time.

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