Can You Freeze Chili at Home?


Chili is one of necessary spices in cooking in some countries like India, Korea, Thai and Mexico. The spicy taste of chili gives the foods have strong flavor and being mouth-watering. However, it would be difficult to see chili being sold abundantly in stores when they are in off-season. Therefore, there is a question like “can you freeze chili at home as a mean of preserving?” And the answer seems to be very easy and simple and here are tips for how to freeze chili at home.

Preparing Chilis Before Freezing

Freezing chilis is not a hard job but it isn’t as simple as put them directly in the fridge right away after you’ve brought them home from the stores.

The first thing you should do is be sure the chilis you are going to freeze are good quality, so take time to remove all the bad quality of chilis out of your basket. But how do you know it? Just please choose the chilis that are firm and have a bright color. The chilis that have spots or blemishes on the skin or have any mildew on the stems should be removed and thrown away into your bin.

After having chosen the best quality chilis, it’s time to get them clean. Just wash them thoroughly with plain water. This step will help becomes more necessary if the chilis you’ve bought are growth from pollution areas or using pesticides. You can also use a bit of salt to add in the water to help them cleaner.

After washing, remove your chilis and place them in a colander and let them dry naturally for a while. If you are in hurry, you can place them in a dry towel and gently scrub them to let them dried quicker. Now, it’s ready for the steps of freezing your chilis.

Freezing By Using Your Ice-cube Stray

Many people may prefer to remove the stem of chilis. But this step is just personally favorite and it doesn’t affect the quality of products, so leave the stems on or not doesn’t make a problem. Just put your chilis in your ice-cube stray, several chilis for each small cube and let it sit in the fridge until frozen.

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Freezing With Airtight Bags Or Containers

It would be great if you have a vacuum sealer in your kitchen. With this machine, you are easy to preserve your fresh foods for long term use. Firstly, you should divide your chilis into small portions, then place each portion into a bag used for a vacuum sealer like Ziploc bag. After that, let the air is sucked out of the bag, vacuum sealing and place them in your fridge for freezing. With this tip, you chilis can be stored for 1 year.

Many people would like to blend their chilis before getting frozen, so you can spoon them from a jar and add directly to foods.  If you can grow your own chilis in your farm or you often buy a large number of chilis for long term use, why don’t you blend them before place them in your jars. Just add all the chilis in a blender or food processor then let it blended for several minutes. You can also add a bit of vinegar to you mixture. It will help you preserve your chilis better. After having blended well, place your chili mixture in jars then place them in your fridge.

Note: when handling your chilis, you should wear plastic gloves because you may get skin irritation with your bare hands touching the fresh chilis.


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