Can You Freeze Pudding?


For me, the hot summer would not be perfect without the usual presence of pudding in the refrigerator. Why? Because I often gain weight a lot during the summer when we don’t need to go to school, but just eat, sleep, and travel, eating pudding often is good for dieters. What about you? Do you like pudding? Today, I will share with you some information about pudding as well as how to freeze pudding.

General information

Pudding is a popular, easy-to-make, and favorite dessert for most of people, especially teenagers. Besides calling ‘pudding’, people also call it ‘custard’ if it is egg-based, ‘blancmange’ if it has much cornstarch, and ‘jelly’ when it has much gelatin. However, all the names refer to a sweet milk-based savory dish or dessert.

There are two types of pudding: savory and dessert. Some popular savory dishes are cheese pudding, corn pudding, yorksire pudding, white pudding, butterscotch, goetta. Some famous desserts are chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, banana pudding, rice pudding, flan, mousse, etc.

As mentioned earlier, pudding is a suitable dish for people who want to lose weight because it provides most of the nutrients in which we can replace pudding for other fatty sweets. Pudding’s nutrients are high in calcium, vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, fat, sodium, and calories.

For a dieter, you should choose puddings which are sugar-free, low fat, low sodium, and low calorie if you buy puddings from a grocery store. On the other hand, you can control the ratio of nutrition when you make puddings at home by looking for ‘pudding recipes for dieters’ on the Internet. There is a variety of pudding recipe: baked, steamed, boiled, and creamy puddings that you can try.

Can we freeze pudding pies/cakes?

Yeah, sort of. In general, if you buy packaged puddings from a grocery store, it is better not to freeze the leftovers after eating because the puddings’ flavor and texture might be affected. You won’t be able to have the original fresh, soft, and aromatic texture.

For example, it would get a little harder if there is whipped cream or chocolate on the top. It happens the same if the pudding has liquid on top. It will get hard like you are eating an ice-cream instead of a pudding. You won’t be able to feel the original fresh, soft, and aromatic texture. Similarly, for low-fat puddings which used non-dairy milk, soy, or almond should not be frozen as well because the high water content of milk will change the original shape when thawing.

On the other hand, if you have home-made puddings which were made from milk, egg, and cornstarch, you can freeze them because it can remain the original taste and texture well after thawing. Be aware of the ingredients that you used to make pudding such as cookies will become soggy and fruits will seep moisture during the freezing process.

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Tips to freeze and thaw pudding

You have to make sure that home-made pudding is stored in an airtight or freezer bag and seal it tightly before keeping in the freezer. Also, pudding should not be kept in the freezer for more than one month. It can be simply thawed by keep the frozen pudding in the refrigerator overnight or keep at room temperature for few hours. However, it is still better to thaw puddings in fridge. Always keep in mind that the pudding’s texture might change a bit in the freezer.

How to freeze pre-made pudding into pudding pops?

Do you know that you can make pudding pops from pre-made pudding? It would be a great choice to enjoy pudding during the hot summer. If you would like to enjoy a refreshing pudding pop, you just simply need to freeze the prepared pudding for some hours with the following steps:

  • Pour the pre-made pudding into different small paper cups or ice pop molds.
  • Cover the cups with aluminum foil and remember to insert a wooden craft stick into the middle of each cup which helps to hold the cup after freezing.
  • Place the cups of molds in the freezer and keep it overnight. When they get frozen, tear the paper out and enjoy your pudding pops. If you use ice pop molds, put its bottom in warm water for some minutes before removing to avoid breaking.

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