Can You Freeze Velveeta Cheese?


I still remember I went crazy at the supermarket last week to get products which were on sale. My mother was surprised when I got home with several bags of stuff. However, I realized that we wouldn’t be able to finish all of them at once. I did not worry about the dried ingredients, but I bought quite a lot cheese.

I knew some of them can be kept in the freezer such as shredded cheese, cream cheese, ricotta, and mascarpone cheese. But how about Velveeta cheese? The producer advised not to freeze it on the cheese box, but I already bought a lot. What to do? Then, I did some research on the Internet to see how I could solve the problem. I would like to share with you what I found in case you face the same problem as me.

What is Velveeta cheese?

For people who haven’t know about Velveeta cheese, I’d like to tell a bit about it. Velveeta is a cheese product which taste is softer and smoother compared to other normal cheese. Velveeta is also different from other types of cheese in the result of heating process in its full integration, creaminess, and clump-free liquid texture. Therefore, it is often used for making cheese crackers and appetizers.

Can Velveeta cheese is freezable?

Well, many ideas and arguments were raised about this problem. Even though Kraft Foods recommends not to freeze Velveeta cheese because the freezing process will cause the cheese to crystallize which affects the cheese’s texture. The cheese’s ingredients will be broken into separated small pieces. On the other hand, the texture changes to an inconsistent form and mushy. Also, water and fat content will be broken down while freezing which causes water moisture on the top of the cheese after thawing. The flavor of the cheese will be changed as well, it tastes worse than the original taste.

However, some people say it is possible to freeze Velveeta cheese. Some said that its texture and flavor completely the same as its state before freezing, and that you can still make good dishes with frozen cheese. Some others, in contrast, say we could freeze Velveeta cheese but it won’t come out as its original shape and texture. It gets harder, drier, and shinier if you did not wrap well before freezing. To some people, it is unnecessary to freeze Velveeta cheese while it can be normally stored in the refrigerator. And that you just need to carefully wrap it by looking at the guide on the cheese box.

How to freeze and melt Velveeta properly?

To kick things off, let’s talk about what is the right method to freeze and melt Velveeta if you decided to freeze Velveeta. It is obvious that some cheese freeze better than others, as I mentioned some in the first paragraph. So, you have to keep in mind that Velveeta might not be as good as other cheese after freezing.

Anyway, a couple of things to remember before freezing Velveeta cheese:

  • Take the Velveeta cheese out of its original packaging. Tightly wrap it with two layers of plastic wrap to make sure it won’t get dry and hard.
  • Later, store it in a freezer bag with safely zip-lock.
  • Remove all the extra air in the bag. Close the bag.
  • The temperature always remain cold in the back of the freezer, so it is better to place your cheese bag there.

When you would like to thaw the frozen cheese, thaw it in the refrigerator overnight or for 7-8 hours. Remove the wrapper before heating the cheese. You can melt Velveeta cheese by using a microwave. First, cut it into smaller cubes, place on the baked/grilled bowl and keep in the microwave on high power.

Remain the heating for 5 minutes. Besides microwave, you also can use a saucepan to melt the thawed cheese. Remember to stir the cheese again to recombine the broken ingredients and remove lumps. It is a must-not-do that never refreeze the frozen Velveeta cheese. Make sure to finish your thawed cheese for any dish.


Velveeta is a wonderful companion when you are making an appetizer with cheese, grilled cheese sandwich, jimmy dean sausage cheese dip, salads, Velveeta peer cheese soup, broccoli soup, cheesy bacon brunch casserole, Velveeta macaroni, or potato bites.

I hope you found my review was helpful, please share with me your experience with Velveeta cheese. Enjoy your cheese.

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