Discover multiple spring rolls in Vietnam

Spring rolls are considered to be of the excellent dishes around the world. In Vietnam, specifically, they are made from the easy recipes including a variety of fresh vegetables and dipping sauce renowned as “goi cuon” or “nem cuon”, “bo bia”, etc. We can add to the menu of our family or use as the snack food without being afraid of surplus weight.


How to make Vietnamese spring rolls (nem ran) crispy and yummy for Tet holiday
Recipe for Vietnamese crispy shrimp spring rolls – Nem ran tom

Bi cuon – Shredded pork skin spring roll

1. Pho cuon – Vietnamese fresh spring rolls

Fresh spring roll is one of tasty Hanoi foods, following noodle soup. However, pho cuon has been preferred quickly thanks to gentle and distinct flavor. Slice thinly beef, marinate with spices, garlic, oyster sauce, MSG, black peppers, then leave until absorbing. Clean lettuce and coriander. Thinly slice onion. First, heat the pan, add cooking oil, place onions and stir-fry until fragrant, then add beef and stir fry with the high heat, as soon as beef is half cooked, turn off the heat. After that, stretching fresh “banh pho” (fresh spring rolls wrapper), add fresh vegetables and beef, roll tightly. Serve with sour-sweet dipping sauce, which is mixed with vinegar, garlic, chili peppers, and some green papaya.

rolls spring 1

2. Nem tai cuon – pork ear spring rolls in the North of Vietnam

Firstly, clean pork ear in the salty water, boil until being cooked, then take them out and soak into the cool water to help it white and crunchy. When ear is cool, slice very thinly, season a little seasoning powder and MSG, mix well. Next, add toasted rice (Vietnamese “thinh”), thinly chopped lemon leaves, minced garlic and sliced chili peppers, mix well. Then use rice paper wrapper to roll pork ear, fresh vegetables, etc. (if being available with fig leaves or guava leaves is much better), serve with sour-sweet dipping sauce.

rolls spring 2

3. Hue-style spring rolls

Clean pork belly, boil in water pot seasoned with seasoning powder. When it is half-cooked, take it out then rinse in cool water, drain and slice thinly. Steam shrimps until being cooked, and remove shells. Remove stalks of green mustard, only use leaves. Stretch mustard leaf, assemble fresh noodle, pork belly and shrimp, roll tightly then tie spring onion leaf around the roll. Mix the dipping sauce: stir-fry minced garlic until fragrant, add meat and minced pork liver, stir-fry until being cooked, then add lemongrass, minced red shallot and minced soybean, boil, season to fit your taste. Remember to serve with the heating sauce to create the yummy taste.

rolls spring 3

4. Spring rolls with grilled pork meat in Hue-style

Choose the pork shoulder because it has a little fat in order not to be fried while grilling. Slice thinly meat, marinate with lemongrass, minced red shallot, minced garlic, fish sauce, seasoning powder, sugar, black pepper and a little cooking oil. When meat absorbs spices, grill until golden brown. Clean herbs, lettuce, drain. Then use fresh rice noodle wrapper to roll grilled pork meat and vegetables. We serve soybean sauce with pork meat and liver. In fact, soybean sauce combined with greasy taste of liver makes the special flavor for the dish.

rolls spring 4

5. Spring rolls in Nha Trang style

Clean shrimps, remove shrimp feelers, roll tightly in the rice noodle wrapper, then fry until golden brown. Raw pork pie (gio): cut into cubes, add cooking oil, minced shallots, minced garlic, and season until fit your taste. Then shape into small balls, skew through the bamboo skewers, and grill until cooked finely. Cut pork pie into long pieces. Prepare lettuce, herbs, star-fruits, sliced green banana. Use rice paper wrapper (banh trang) to roll all ingredients into round rolls. Stir fish sauce with sugar, boil, add some corn powder to make it more condense. When it cool, add chili powder, lemon drops, and minced garlic, season sour-sweet flavor, finally, handle the spring roll and dip into the sauce. Wow! Absolutely delish!.

rolls spring 5

6. South Bo Bia spring rolls

Slice manioc into thin trips, stir-fry until being cooked, season to fit your taste. Boil well Chinese sausage, cut into thinly slanted pieces. Fry egg into thinly layer, then cut into trips. Clean fried shrimps, soak into the heating water to make them softer, then grind well, then place into pan and fry until frying and fragrant. Wash lettuce and herbs, drain. Make rice noodle wrapper slightly moist and soft then stretch it out, add vegetables, manioc, fried shrimp, fried egg, and Chinese sausage, finally fold two heads and roll tightly. Serve with sweet sauce mixed with chili sauce, minced garlic, and carrots as well as white radish soaked in vinegar. You can add minced chili pepper if you like the dish spicy.

rolls spring 6

7. Southern spring rolls

Clean pork belly and shrimps. Steam well shrimps and then remove shells. Boil pork meat into water pot seasoned a little seasoning powder. When meat is well cooked, then take them out, rinse with cool water, drain, and slice into mouth-sized pieces. Clean lettuce, herbs, chives, drain and double cut. Dip noodle paper into warm water to make it softer. Stretch out the rice paper, assemble lettuce, herbs, fresh noodle, meat, shrimps, and some he, then roll tightly. Serve with soybean sauce: grind soybean, add a little water, lemon juice, sugar, chili pepper, and garlic, season until fit your taste. Or you can be able to dip with the mixed dipping sauce is fine.

rolls spring7

In short, if you want to make an excellent spring rolls, be careful not make the wrapper chewy and moist to avoid being broken while rolling. Roll tightly to prevent the ingredients from dropping out. It is obvious that the whole family will be extremely fascinated and excited when trying those spring roll dishes, isn’t it? Hope you can make your own dish.

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