What does Duck Taste Like?


Duck is a type of poultry that its meat is served as widely as chicken. The nutrition facts contained in duck are even much more than other types of poultry. With 3-ounce portion of duck you eat, you are provided about 115 calories and it is also packed with a variety of essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, potassium and B vitamins. In fact, duck is not only nutritious but also very, very delicious. However, the taste of duck is still unapproachable to many eaters, which may make their noses curl and hesitate a bit to give duck meat a try. Therefore, what does duck taste like? Is it the same as chicken or goose or turkey?

Does Duck Taste The Same As Chicken?

There are different opinions about the taste of ducks from eaters. Someone says that it is nearly the same as chicken, so if you like chicken, you will like duck, too and some say that it tastes like chewier than chicken and oilier than turkey, so it would be difficult to explain exactly how it is. However, the most common opinions can be described in three short negative adjectives and concluded with one positive adjective: fat, oily, gamy but delicious.

In fact, because duck is very bloody, that’s why it has the dark red color in exterior and often with a thick layer fat on top. That’s also why it is known as a type dark meat and that’s also why it causes the gamy flavor in duck. In addition, the more bloody the duck is, the darker in color of duck meat is, so it is common to see duck meat having purple or blue color a bit.

Back to the gamy flavor contained in duck which makes many eaters bother when deciding to have a dish of roast duck on their table dinners, the matter is not about the wild taste in duck, it is about the skills of how to prepare and cook duck properly.

Tips On Getting Rid Of Gamy Flavor In Ducks.

  • If you are living in a farm where you can raise ducks by yourself, it would be great to know the skill how to kill, remove feathers and prepare raw duck meat to cook. It wouldn’t necessary to give all the detailed steps for this process but the step for removing gamy taste is a yes. In this case, you should to remove the excess blood contained in ducks. The best tip for this is making a deep cut in the neck of ducks and let the blood is leached out from your duck body.
  • Another tip is let it rinsed with alternatives of cold and warm water. Place it in a large bowl of cold water, let it sit for several minutes then drain the water and replace with warm water, repeat the same steps for several times. This tip will also help to get rid of the gamy flavor in ducks.
  • One more tip which is also easy to follow is using salt, ginger and vinegar. Just let the meat soak in the salt water or in the mixture of water, vinegar and a lot of ginger slices or minced ginger for several minutes, 20 minutes are alright to get the smell out of the ducks.
  • The last thing to remember is duck meat is very easy to be overcooked, which also causes gamy and destroy the yummy taste of your duck, so the recommendation is you should eat them rare.

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In conclusion

The strong flavor in ducks depends on several factors like how they are fed and how they are raised. Wild ducks have greater tastes than raised ducks. In addition, the fleshes of wild ducks are often very dark red and the taste of wild ducks seems to similar steak rather than chicken. And it isn’t hurt to trying something, so to know exactly what does duck taste really like, just give it a try.