How to make “bun dau mam tom” – Vietnamese noodle with tofu and shrimp paste

It is believed that bun dau mam tom named noodle with tofu and shrimp paste is very easy to make and tasty to try, especially in the heating weather days. Actually, it can be served with boiled meat that features both yummy and gentle cool to add to your family’s menu.


Making bun dau mam tom is extremely simple with some following ingredients:

  • 10 tofu
  • 300 grams pork belly
  • 300 grams gristle (can alter by pork small intestines or pork stomach)
  • Fish sauce, sugar, lemon, chili pepper, vinegar, cooking oil
  • 100 grams “bun la” noodle
  • Aromatic herbs: balm, purple basil, basil, coriander, cucumber (cut lengthways)


Step 1: First step to make bun dau mam tom, cutting tofu into thinly mouth-sized pieces, fry to crunchy, and nice golden both sides, transfer into dish. Or fry the whole tofu piece, and cut into fitted mouth pieces when eating.

Step 2:  Choose pork belly (not too fat, not too lean), slice lengthways into 3 cm pieces. Place meat and gristle into pot, covered with water. When boiling, remove scum, then add spices and vinegar. Simmer about 10 minutes to make meat cooked well. Take out and place into the cooled boiled water to avoid its turning dark color. Cook more 5 minutes. Take out meat and gristle, drain. Slice thinly and assemble into serving dish.

Step 3: Next, place shrimp paste into bowl, season sugar and stir well to dissolve. That will help paste less salty. Stir shrimp paste until creating foam, then add a little lemon to be fragrant. Add a little cooking oil that just used to fry tofu. Then put some chili slices to make shrimp paste more yummy.

How to make tasty shrimps paste for “bun dau mam tom”

Step 4: Cut “bun la” noodle into mouth-sized pieces.

For aromatic herbs: clean, soak with a little salt water, then make it drain.

Finally, we have just fished bun dau mam tom, then assemble into serving dish and enjoy together with your family.

Bun dau mam tom is served with boil pork belly certainly brings the very delish food. In fact, shrimp paste plays a very important role contributing to make the dish more amazing.


Notably, if your family does not have much time to make noodle with tofu and shrimp paste, recommends some destinations such as “bun dau Hoang cau”, “bun dau Viet” those are in Hanoi. Furthermore, when approaching to HCM City, bun dau mam – tofu noodle with fish sauce is on the top list for you. Hope you will enjoy this Vietnamese foodbun dau mam tom!


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