Vietnamese Pho Xao: the sautéed rice noodles being made non-sticky

One of the difficult steps when making stir-fried is to maintain the non-sticky noodles ( Pho xao recipe ). Today we would like to introduce one of the best Vietnamese foods called “pho xao” in the very  easy method.


A few vegetables, starch and spices well mixed in the dish bring a tasty experience compared to normal water noodles. Especially, this way helps noodles tender and non-sticky. Let’s learn how to make a delish pho!

  • 5 shrimps
  • 100 gram fresh noodles
  • 1 egg
  • Thinly chopped cabbage, spring onions, coriander, peanuts, lemon
  • Seasonings: fish sauce, seasoning powder, 1 teaspoon vinegar, chili paste, tomato paste

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Step 1: Heat a pan, add oil, then add minced garlic when heating oil, add shrimp and stir-fry in 3 minutes

Step 2: Add chopped cabbage then sauté together with shrimps

Step 3: Next, add noodles (pho) into the pan, stir-fry, form a slight hole in the centre of pan, add egg, stir and then season fish sauce, seasoning powder and vinegar. Finally, season again until it tasty, sprinkle chopped spring onions. Transfer noodles into the serving dish, sprinkle coriander and peanuts. Add a piece of lemon. Serve with chili paste and tomato paste!

Final product

With three simple steps below, you have an extremely delectable sautéed noodles without being sticky. The combination between greasy young shrimps removed the shells, a soft and non-sticky noodles as well as fresh cabbage create the tasty stir-fried noodles that we cannot stop picking up with chopsticks. How to make non-sticky sautéed noodles is also the well mixture of egg that makes the noodles more tender that is mouth-watering and distinguished.

Last but not least, if you don’t have much time to perform the picky and complex, this dish is the best choice for your family. With some simple steps and 20 minutes, you can have a meal that offers enough nutrition serving in your house. Wish you make a delish “pho xao”, among the best Vietnamese foods.

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