What to Serve with Potato Soup?


Another winter is coming soon and everyone for sure is planning for their Christmas and New Year evenings with their family. Eating a warm soup is definitely greater for a cold evening. It will help to bring family members closer.

Is your family planning for what soups will be served for this winter? Do you plan on making potato soup? It is a good pick. A hearty, easy-to-make, and rich in flavor potato soup will be a special meal that you can enjoy with your family.

However, perhaps you will worry about other side dishes to go with potato soup. Understanding your thought, we have gathered some excellent side dishe recipes to help you choose the best combination with the potato soup.

Something crunchy for a long chatting

Firstly, we all love to enjoy munching crackers, crispies, nuts, potato wedges, fried chicken nuggets, Indian samosa, grilled or fried cheese, and some crunchy veggies while eating soup. These side dishes can make the dinner longer so that you can have more time to talk with other family members.

Moreover, you can also serve some breadsticks, garlic breads, potato breads, biscuits with butter on top, rolls, cornbreads, cheese breads, sandwiches, bacons with your potato soup. The above side foods are all easy-to-make or can buy anytime from grocery stores and supermarkets, so many people prefer to have them to serve with potato soup.

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Potato soup itself can be a perfect meal without any combination, but as many people said, we should experience new and wonderful combinations while we still can. Therefore, many new side dishes have been published or created to serve with potato soup. Let’s look at some entree dishes we can eat together with potato soup to increase its taste.

For the meat-lovers, a dish of cold chicken salad, a cold turkey sandwich, a beef roast sandwich, grilled chicken legs, grilled ham and cheese would make an excellent entree for a warm dinner.

For the veggie-lovers, you can try to prepare some salad dishes which can go well with potato soup. Some recommended salad dishes you can make are spinach salad with sliced strawberries, tomato salad, lettuce salad with sliced pears, walnut, and a little Champagne Vinaigrette, a mixed salad of cabbage, carrots, green beans, bell peppers, and cucumber adding some mayonnaise or cheese on top. Also, a dish of garlicky roasted broccoli would be good. Especially, you can serve with a fruit salad such as apples and grapes, or a Caesar salad dish. This will bring you a unique taste and a new experience.


Obviously, drinks are always placed on dinner tables. However, do you know which beverages should be served if you arrange a bowl of hot potato soup on the table as well?

The most perfect companions with a bowl of potato soup are a cup of warm beer or a cup of wine or champagne.

After you finish the soup meal, it would be great to close the meal with some desserts. In the list of dessert recipes which go well with potato soup, pumpkin cheesecake stays in the top. Furthermore, people also often make ice-cream topped with fruit biscuits, vanilla sticks, apple pies, and fruit tarts to serve with potato soup.

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What are you waiting for? Let choose your most favorite side dish to serve with your delicious potato soup in order to create a memorable dinner with your family.

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