What to Serve with Stuffed Peppers to Make It More Delicious?


Weekend is coming and you want to serve your family with a new dish called Stuffed Peppers which you just have learned from a television program. A delicious dish of stuffed peppers is ready; however, you do not know what dish should accompany with the Stuffed Peppers to make the meal more meaningful. We herely are glad to recommend you a collection of side dishes to serve with the Stuffed Peppers.

What is Stuffed Peppers?

Stuffed Peppers is a Western dish in which bell peppers are filled with a mixture of meat, shallots, rice, mushrooms, vegetables and sauce. The mixture can be different depending upon references and can be steamed or baked after filling. People can add other ingredients or remove any if they do not like in the mixture to make the stuffed peppers more suitable and delicious for their taste.

What to serve with Stuffed Peppers?

1. Basic combination

If you already had a dish of Stuffed Peppers filled by a mixture of ground beef, rice, mushroom, tomatoes, and onions, it means you already make a ‘all in one’ dish. Many Romanian-style cook will just simply pour the tomato juice over the peppers, add water and some flour to make the sauce thicken a little bit and cook on the pot for a while. They serve it with sour cream and freshly chopped dill on the top.

You did not add rice into the mixture to fill in the peppers but just some meat and tomatoes, you will like to serve the stuffed peppers with some egg noodles or some kinds of soup to make sure you consume enough protein for your health.

Well, there are other simple combinations to serve with stuffed peppers which you can try such as some garlic breads, a loaf of crusty breads, broccoli, and green beans. You can also serve it with some salty dish such as onion rings.

2. A ‘green’ and ‘fresh’ combination

If you already add much meat and eggs in the mixture, a dish of carrot salad, spinach salad, creamy cole slaw made with mayonnaise, or cabbage or a mixed salad with olive oil or even a fruit salad will help to balance the fat of the stuffed peppers and make the meal more yummy. Many Americans and Mexicans always choose this combination because they think it is both good for health and can add some fresh flavor to the meal.

3. ‘Fast food’ alike combination

Moreover, if you would like to try a South West eating style, you can serve the Stuffed Peppers with tortilla chips and salsa sauce. Corn tortilla is a good pick in this case for corn-lovers. A bowl of salsa including onions, chillies, corns, beans, and various spices would be great for spicy-lovers in the winter to warmer your body.

If you filled bell peppers with chicken salad and cheese, you will like to serve it with a dish of crushed potato chips which will provide you enough protein, fat, and calories for an active-working day.

4. A ‘special’ and ‘strange’ combination

If you would like to try a new flavor, you can serve the stuffed peppers dish with some roasted sweet red peppers with a creamy white wine and mustard sauce. This would be a challenge for people who eat mustard for first time, but it is a good chance to try.

You can also serve your stuffed peppers dish with a dish of salmon steak and some mustard sauce on it, it will bring you a new experience instead of repeating the same side dishes with the stuffed peppers dish.

5. A ‘non-fatty’ combination

Some other people in the western countries like to serve it with steamed carrots with a squeeze of lemon or lemon butter to add some sour flavor to the meal. If you are afraid of getting fat, you can try this too.

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Stuffed pepper itself is already various in the cooking recipe in different regions over the world. Similarly, it is not difficult to prepare a side dish to serve with it. Even though there are many preferences, you should find a side dish which is good for your health, and try to avoid dishes which are unhealthy or cause you allergic.

Let’s prepare a healthy meal for a healthy life.

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