Six steps of bun bo hue recipe make a yummy noodle soup.

It is revealed that Bun Bo Hue has been cooked in a secret recipe bringing the special delicious beef noodle bowls.

Firstly, it is undeniable that whenever having tried Bun Bo Hue, you really want to learn how to make the beef noodle bowls as delicious as those in the restaurant. Obviously, by no means can you cook the perfect a beef noodle without spending much time on preparing the full of the picky food materials creating the exact familiar flavor, said the food expert.


However, many people feel bored or complicated to make it because of not following correct cooking instructions with the aroma flavor. Therefore, do not miss out any of six below steps if you need a wonderful Hue-Style Beef Noodle Soup.


– 1 kilograms of beef bones

– 200 grams of grilled crab/grilled beef

– 400 grams of beef brisket

– 2 pig’s trotters (cut into round circular chunky pieces)

– 6 lemongrasses

– 1 teaspoon of cashews

– 1 small ginger branch

– 1 bowl of pork blood cubes

– 1 onion

– Green onion, Chinese parky, bean sprouts, basils, banana flowers, lemon, peppers

– Big-fiber noodle


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Step 1:  First and foremost, the very fresh pig’s trotters are necessary. Notably, pig trotters being well-stewed are typical of popular Hue-Style Beef Noodle Soup.

The trotters should be chopped into round circular chunky pieces. Place the pork trotters in a stockpot and cook until the impurities rise to the top. Dump out the whole pot and rinse the bones well to wash off the scum aiming to ensure the food hygiene. Then, put the cleaned trotters into the pot covered with enough water and stew overdone supplied a little soup powder for being tastier.



Step 2: Soft-boiled beef brisket is the second important ingredient. Boiling it together with ginger is the secret for a pleasant and distinctive smell beef brisket. Remember DO NOT cook over-done or cook too fast if you need to enjoy a crunchy and soft dish. The medium cook brisket pieces are the best. You can use chopsticks slanting through to check whether those pieces are medium cooked or not. Wait until cooling and then slice into thin pieces.


Step 3: Boil pork blood in 5-7 minutes and slice into small cubes or rectangle pieces.


Step 4: Form grilled crab into small shaped balls, place into the pot covering with enough water until the grilled crap rise to the peak. Take out the grilled crab. Replace grilled beef or pork roll if you do not have crab.


Step 5: How to cook flavorful broth: mince two chopped lemongrass, pound the rest of them. Then mix the shrimp sauce with water, wait until you can take out the above part of the mixture that is the clean liquid. Divide the onion into two parts: cut a haft into areca pieces (like a small triangle) and the rest into thin slices.

Now, clean the beef bones with water; boil to remove the impurities; then, place into the pot to be well-stewed, add the seasonings. Sometimes, remove any foam rising to the top. Stew beef bones in two hours within areca-chopped onion and pounded lemongrass.

To create the aroma and attractive broth, cook the minced lemongrass within two spoons of cooking oil, take out and heat only the oil part then add cashew nuts to gain the color

Be careful not heat oil too long before adding roucou nuts (cashew red) to avoid burning the nuts and creating the non-attractive color for the broth. Then, add the cashew red and minced lemongrass into the broth pot.


Step 6: Those are enough for materials for a perfect Bun Bo Hue. Now, time for representation

Use the white porcelain bowl to enjoy Hue-style beef noodle soup brings you the most appetizing experience.

Poach the noodle very quick in the big water-boiling pot and strain off the noodle. Put noodle into bowl. Add grilled crab, pork blood, beef brisket, trotters, sliced onion and Chinese parky. Pour the extremely boiling broth. It is wonderfully delicious to enjoy the beef noodle together with chili sauce, lemon, pepper, bean sprouts, chopped banana flower, basil. At present, time to enjoy THE PERFECT HUE BEEF NOODLE!

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