Vietnamese seafood crab noodle soup (bun rieu) for the best breakfast

It is believed that the flavor of the seafood crab noodle soup makes you interested and addicted at the first time trying it. Therefore, today we would like to reveal the secret to make a delicious and nutritious crab noodle bowl for breakfast.


In fact, it is not difficult at all to make the attractive seafood crab noodle following the below recipe to serve the best breakfast. The very hot and fragrant noodle bowl creates your appetite so much. Make sure the below ingredients must be prepared skillfully in the authentic instructions.

Crab: 500 gram

2-3 tomatoes; 1-2 tamarinds; onions, laksa leaves, 5 cloves fried shallots; 1 teaspoon pepper; 1 fresh chili pepper; 1 lemon; 300 gram fresh squid; 200 gram shrimp; noodles; aromatic herbs

Spices: soup powder, seasoning salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking oil

Vietnamese seafood crab noodle soup (bun rieu)1

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Six steps of bun bo hue recipe make a yummy noodle soup.


Step 1: Clean the freshwater crab, remove the crab shell, scoop crab roe out with a teaspoon carefully, well-pound the crabmeat after adding some salt for generating more roe. Then, take out 1 bowl of filtered crab.

Vietnamese seafood crab noodle soup (bun rieu)

Step 2: Next, clean tomatoes, spring onion and tamarind with water. Cut tomatoes into wedges. Finely slice spring onion and laksa leaves.

Vietnamese seafood crab noodle soup (bun rieu)3

Step 3: Place and simmer the crab pot onto the stove, add 1 teaspoon soup powder. Wait until the crab roe formed into shaped blocks and take them out to the separate bowl.

Vietnamese seafood crab noodle soup (bun rieu)4

Step 4: Fry the crisp shallot with the moderate cooking oil, add tomatoes to the fried pan. Add those tomatoes into crab pot cooked with little fire, add 2 tamarinds until being overcooked, take out to mash and remove the skin.

Vietnamese seafood crab noodle soup (bun rieu)5

Step 5: While waiting the crab pot boil, simply prepare the squid, clean shrimp, slice the mixture of shrimp-squid within ½ teaspoon of soup powder, a little fish sauce, minced onion and garlic then put them all together into the bender to puree. Form squid mixture into small rolls and drop into the boiling oil pan. Dry until two sites turning to brown. Coop the roll squid to dish covered by oil absorbent paper.

Step 6: Finally, add rice noodle to bowl, place roll seafood on the top, add a little crab roe, spring onion, chopped laksa leaves, then coop the crab soup cover the bowl.

Vietnamese seafood crab noodle soup (bun rieu)6
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Actually, crab noodle soup is well-known to be the specializing food being popular in almost families in the North. And the seafood crab soup imbued with the fragrant taste with the salty, sweet, sour broth providing a pleasurable sensation. Additionally, the fresh noodles, greasy crab roe combined with crispy seafood rolls. All together mixed to create a perfect typical crab soup attracts every one concluding even demanding people.

Last but not least, it is more delicious when severed with fresh raw vegetables and very hot broth creating more flavor as well as appetizing.

Vietnamese seafood crab noodle soup (bun rieu)7

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