Banh canh bot loc: the unique combination of tapioca flour and snakehead for an unforgettably flavorful dinner

Actually, among the best Vietnamese foods, a tasty and nutritious banh canh bot loc noodle soup for eater in the summer which is made from soft, smooth and chewy tapioca flour and served with spicy and fragrant snake-head is the enjoyable food. As a result, today we recommend the easy steps to make the delish Hue noodles soup called banh canh bot loc.


Tapioca starch:

  • 1 tapioca flour
  • Boiling hot water

The broth (soup base):

  • Snakehead
  • Spring onion, shallots
  • Fresh chili, chili powder
  • Spices


Step 1. To begin with, form tapioca flour into a large flat and create a deep hole in the center.


Step 2. Then, pour the boiling hot water into the hole and knead well the flour dough by the spoon. Adjust boiling water and flour in the situations of the dried or wet flour until the dough is soft and non-sticky.


Step 3. After that, use rolling pin to roll the dough to become thin layer and cut them into 7cm in length. Sprinkle the fried flour on the cut noodles to avoid being sticky.


Step 4. Finely chop the spring onions and chili peppers


Step 5. Boil the fish, then filter the meat to the separate bowl, discard the bones. Wait until the boiling pot cold and drain mixture by a strainer.


Step 6. Fry onions in the boiling cooking oil. Add a little color chili or chili power to create the red-orange color. Add naked-head fish and sauté well, and then fill water covering the surface of fish. Add fish sauce, salt, seasoning powder until getting the great taste. Cook in the little fire for absorbing the spices in 10 minutes.


Step 7. Boil the soup cakes in the other pot until they become clear then pour them out and rinse through running cool water.



Step 8. Finally, boil the fish soup once again, add more water. Then, add fish into the broth until boiling. Season the spices for tasty appetite. In addition, add boiled soup cake and wait until boiling then turn off the stove. Scoop banh canh and snakehead into bowl and sprinkle finely chopped onion springs and sliced chili on the top.


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In the nutshells, not only the broth and additional seasonings, but the ingredients also play important roles on creating flavor of the banh canh noodle soup.

The chewy bot loc soup cake combining with the sweet snakehead broth make the fabulous fragrance for the hue noodle soup and attract all of the eaters even for demanding customers.

You can cook by the above banh canh recipe to change the appetite for your whole family for the dinner right now!

Other choices being available are banh canh ca, banh canh ca loc, etc. Wish you all succeed in performing the delectable banh canh bot loc noodle soup!

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