Banh canh cua – Crab thick noodle soup recipe: easy to make and flavorful to enjoy

Nowadays, food safety is being alarmed in all corners in the whole world including Vietnam leading the home cooked dishes are always rated on the top of safety and health. Obviously, among Vietnamese noodle soups, an authentic banh canh Hue soup cake needs spending time but bring much appetizing feelings for anyone.



Tapioca flour (for 4 portions)

  • 2 ¼ (200g) cups of rice flour
  • ½ (70g) cup of tapioca flour
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 180ml – 300ml hot boiling water

The broth (5-7 litters)

  • 2 sets of chicken bones
  • 5 kg pork bones
  • 2 onions, fragrantly grilled
  • 2 dried squid, fragrantly grilled
  • 1 white radish, peeled, cut into square pieces
  • 1 bunch of coriander (root only)
  • 200 gram rock sugar
  • Salt, black peppers

Banh canh soup cake/patties (4 portions)

  • 1 can of crabmeat
  • 4-8 crab claws, boiled or steamed
  • 8 shrimps
  • About 100g pork legs meat, tighten into a neat bunch
  • 12 quail eggs, cooked, remove shells
  • 1 can of mushrooms(fresh is better)
  • Minced fish (steamed or fried)
  • Oiling annatto seeds (for creating color)
  • Finely chopped corianders
  • Spring onions (white root part)
  • A garlic clove, well minced
  • Salt, black peppers
  • Chili peppers (for spicy)


1. Make the broth

Boil bones in the boiling pot, scoop out and clean under hot boiling water to remove the impurities. Put bones into the clean pot, add white radish, coriander roots, onions, grilled squid, salt, black peppers, rock sugar. Pour water to the pot covered by lid until boiling. Then slow down the fire, take out the scums, simmer the pot without lid at least 4 hours and extract the broth without the bottom. Be careful if you want to pour the water into pot, add boiling water, not the cool.

2. Make banh canh

Stir well the rice flour, tapioca and salt. Pour hot boiling water into the mixture until being dough. Add fried flour if the dough is too wet or add more boiling water for too dried one. Be careful add a little for once after kneading. After kneading, if the dough is sticky, don’t worry. Then wait 15-30 minutes. Take the dough out into table surface after sprinkling the dried tapioca flour. Then roll the dough through tapioca and cut into small pieces to roll easily. Quickly cover the tapioca flour on the surface of roll pin, roll the dough thinly about 3mm thickness then cut into thin long slices.

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3. Ingredients to serve

  • Boil shrimp in the broth until cooked and take them out to the water bowl that is available with some iced balls. Then remove the shells.
  • Boil meat in broth until cooked, scoop out to the iced bowl. Slice thinly.
  • Finely chop cha ca (fish patties). If you want to make cha ca hap (steamed minced fish), cover egg yolks before steaming to get the nice color.

Thinly slice the white spring onions, soak in the iced water to release the strong smell.

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4. Recipe to cook banh canh cua (crab soup cake)

Heat the pan/skillet, heat the cooking oil and add garlic until turning brown golden. Add crabmeat and sauté until getting flavor. Add mushrooms into pan and stir fry till release the aroma. Add quail eggs. Boil about 5 minutes. Put banh canh into the pan. Occasionally stir banh canh to avoid being burned at the bottom. Remove the impurities rising on the top. Add annatto seeds for gaining color. Cook until banh canh clear and float on the top. Season to fit your taste, then add coriander, mix well and take out of the stove

Now, time to assemble the bowl. Add cha ca (minced fish), pork meat, crab claws, shrimp then sprinkle chopped spring onions and black peppers on the top. Enjoy when heating. Wish you have the amazing experience of making one of the best Vietnamese foods called banh canh cua  in your house!

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