Banh canh trung cut: Vietnamese thick noodle soup with quail eggs

It is surely that noone can ignore a quail egg thick noodle soup, one of the best Vietnamese foods, which is considered to be easy to enjoy in every season.

Ingredients for four servings.

  • Rice noodle: 0.4 kg (ready to use or grind)
  • 3 grams pork bones
  • 3 grams young ribs
  • 20 quail eggs (more or less based on your preference)
  • Spring oinions, corrandor, chili peppers
  • Chili powder

banh canh recipe

Recipe Banh canh trung cut

Step 1 : The broth: place bones to the pot and simmer about 45 minutes to 1 hour

Step 2 : Remember to remove the impurities rising to the top to get broth clear until bones get sweet, take them out, then add ribs into the pot till done

Step 3 : Knead the flour while simmering the bones: pour rice flour into a large bowl, add tapioca flour with ratio 4 -1, respectively for making the flour chewier. Remember leaving a litlle flour to cover the surface of dough (called covering flour).

Step 4 : Boil the water well, pour gently into flour with ratio 3 flour and 1 water, quickly knead the flour (adjust if the dough is slightly dry or wet, then add boiling water or dry flour). Separate the dough into small sizes, use a rolling pin or grass bottle to roll dough into thin surface. Spinkle dry flour on the working suface to avoid getting sticky.

After rolling all these dough, stretch out each single piece.

Step 5 :  Then slice to thinly mouth-sized strips

Step 6 : Boil quail eggs until done. Remove shell

Step 7 : It’s time broth got tasty. Use the noodle drainer to place flour on, then soak to the water base covering the flour strips.

Step 8 : Wait boiling in 2 minutes, take out the dtrainer, pour flour to the serving bowl

Step 9 : Assemble quail eggs, add ribs, scoop the broth into the soup bowl. Spinkle spring onions, corranders and chopped chili slices. Enjoy very heat to feel the scrumptious flavor. This method makes flour pot stronger.

Step 10 : To achieve the strinking color, cook chili powder in the medium fire with oil then pour into the broth pot when scooping out!

banh canh recipe8

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Vietnamese pizza recipe

Generally, banh canh is the familiar dish in Central and Southern with many similar recipes but being available with many diffirent ingredients in each regions. Banh canh flour maybe tapioca, wheat or rice flour, the most common and appetize to most eaters is rice flour. Besides, a yummy soup bowl of banh canh can be made from snakehead, rib bones, duck meat, spidercrab or crab, etc. Today, let’s try to make quail eggs soup patties right now! Wish you have a delectable dish among the best Vietnamese foods.

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