Banh mi Saigon: yummy and “unique”

Banh mi well-known to be served with a host of foods concluding pork, chicken, beef, fish or vegetables, etc. those create the totally distinct Vietnamese sandwich. Today would like to reveal four types of banh mi sandwich.

1. Vietnamese fried meatball sandwich (banh mi xiu mai kho)

Two separate dishes: bread and meatball (xiu mai), seem to be not relating to each other but they can combine to create an incredibly distinct Vietnamese food called banh mi xiu mai or meatball sandwich. In fact, locating on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, one stall is very famous for bread served with fried meatball – a traditional Chinese food.

banh mi xiu mai

Due to meatballs are self-made in the restaurant, it has the stunning appearance with the delish taste placed inside a large steamed pot and always heating. This dish does not need to serve with pickles, vegetables or fruits but only need to add a layer of chili sauce, a little Chinese vinegar and finally ingredients depending on the eater’s interest.

Address: 358 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1

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2. Hoa Ma bread – Banh mi Hoa Ma

Since 1958 up to now, Hoa Ma banh mi is approximately 57 years old remaining one of the best food street stall imbues Saigon flavor.

Banh mi Hoa Ma

The interesting thing is that you cannot consume quickly banh mi Hoa Ma or cannot take it away to try across the walking road. However, you need to be patient and take it easy right in the restaurant, a really yummy and heating “banh mi chao” – all the ingredients will be processed and placed inside a small pan concluding two omelette, onion, jambon, minced pork pie (cha lua), cinnamon pork pate (cha que), bacon, sausage. Especially, all of them are fresh and heating because as soon as customer calls, chef will make it at that time.

Furthermore, the serving dishes such as pickles, salt mustard are also self-made and placed in the separate dish. Place butter and pate on the large bowl beside, those being rated the high quality. Therefore, it is undeniable that trying a “hot” banh mi, Hoa Ma will be the certain best choice even for the demanding customers.

3. Banh mi pha lau (intestine stew)

As the Saigon people, especially in the school time for those often visit food stalls, then fragrant beef intestine stew is the unforgettable memory. Five years ago, one bowl of pha lau is 5000 dong served with one crispy bread loaf considered as low-price but extremely tasty.

pha lau banh mi

The interesting thing of the dish is that so much soup to dip is much more fantastic! Scoop a little tamarind sauce to make the dish slightly salty and sour. Dip banh mi into the soup of sugarcane leaf, intestine, lung that is cooked well and fragrant.

One ideal place for you is one stall located in district 4, renowned thanks to both taste and quality. All kinds of ingredients are made carefully, do not worry about the strong or disgusting flavor. Especially, the condensed and tasty dipping soup for each mouth-size piece makes it more amazing.

4. Banh mi thit nuong (bread with grilled pork ball)

It is admitted that thanks to the combination between Asian – European flavor, “bread with grilled pork ball” is mentioned in many international websites and magazines that sets banh mi thit nuong apart from the others. Recently, has written that chef from the street foods are magnificent, just a vehicle and a charcoal stove or cooking oil pan, she can make a very delish meal. (Talk about the stall at 37 Nguyen Trai, District 1).

bread with grilled pork

In fact, with simply a charcoal stove and a vehicle selling bread, but banh mi there can be distinct by the great ingredient concluding fried meatball served with Vietnamese bread.

Meatballs have the flavorful taste, fragrant with chewy and sweet meat, skillful seasoning. Therefore, not only Saigon people come to try it but the international visitors also enter continuously. Wish you a best place to try the best Vietnamese sandwich!

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