Best Ceramic Nonstick Cookware: What Makes Them So Popular?

Best Ceramic Nonstick Cookware

Do you enjoy cooking? If you do, then you must have noticed how most of our favorite foods keep sticking onto cooking pots or pans. In most cases, you either have to use more cooking oil than necessary or waste a lot of water cleaning these pans. But, what if I told you it is possible to shift to safer, healthier, and more effective ways of cooking by buying best ceramic nonstick cookware.

There are numerous cookware brands available in the market today. If you are to hack the art of safe cooking, you need to know the essential qualities of a good ceramic cooking pots or pans. Nonetheless, Ceramic nonstick cookware beat all others regarding quality and food safety. But these ceramic nonstick cookwares have been often imitated. Without proper guidance, you can end up buying inferior quality products.

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I decided to test different top rated ceramic pans to bring you a thorough review of the best ceramic nonstick cookware. This analysis informs you the qualities of a good ceramic pan as well as tips to buying a non-stick ceramic pan. But first, let us discuss why you should buy the ceramic pans.

Why choose the ceramic nonstick cookware?

Ceramic cookwares aren’t the commonly used today. But their popularity is growing steadily. Here are the reasons most people prefer the ceramic non-stick and why you too should.

They are stylish

The kitchen is the most integral parts of your home. It should not serve as just as another functional space but should complement the décor and beauty of your home. The ceramic cookwars help you achieve this as they come available in attractive colors and decorative patterns.

They are easy to clean

Due to their nonstick features, ceramics are quite easy to clean. They don’t have a buildup of food residues after cooking and clean with little amounts of water.

They are durable

Ceramic nonstick cookwares are made of durable earthen materials. In most cases, even a thin-layered ceramic cookware will outlive than a Teflon cookware with regards to operational efficiency.

With time, Teflon coated cookwares tend to lose their nonstick abilities as it decomposes under high temperatures. On the other hand, ceramic is naturally nonstick and will retain these capabilities to throughout the lifetime.

Qualities and health benefits of the best nonstick ceramic cookware The growing appreciation of the nonstick qualities of the ceramic cookware is the reason behind the recent surge in popularity. The fact that Teflon has been proven to be chemically synthesized has also made it unpopular with most individuals.

Here are some unique qualities of nonstick ceramic cookwares

They are safe for cooking

Unlike the Teflon coated cookwares, ceramic pots and pans endure high temperatures without contaminating your food. Ceramic pots and pans are made from naturally occurring materials that only harden under high temperatures. With the ceramic pans, you don’t have to use extra oils to avoid food sticking. Ceramic cookware helps you avoid common health problems associated with consumption of fat. Like obesity and heart problems.

Adherence to health rules

The use of PFOA in the manufacture of nonstick cookwares is now illegal. The good news is that ceramics don’t require these chemicals during processing. Their production strictly abides by the laid down healthy regulations.

They have an even base

Ceramics have one of the most even cooking bases. They, therefore, sit comfortably on different cooking surfaces. The flat bases also ensure an even distribution of heat across their base that then translates to even heating of the foods.


Given their appealing coloration, you can use the ceramic nonstick pans for multiple purposes. They are also available in different sizes. Apart from cooking, the pots can also play the role of serving dishes. Most of the ceramics come available with table mats that facilitate placement on the dinner table directly from the stove.

Tips for buying ceramic cookware

You now understand the different unique qualities of the ceramic nonstick cookwares. The next step is to determine what to look for when purchasing one. Remember that you will come across many ceramic nonstick options. But the ultimate decision on what product you buy lies in your hands.

Here are a few useful tips that you should remember when making the ultimate decision.

1. The size of the ceramic

Given the fact that most ceramics come available in different sizes, what should you look when buying a ceramic pan? First, consider the size of your household. In most cases, buyers from big-sized households prefer large ceramic that cook larger meals. On the other hand, small-sized ceramic best suits single persons or young families. You should also consider the size of cooking surface as well as that of the kitchen cabinets. Aim at buying a corresponding cookware to avoid cluttering your kitchen.

2. Price

Go through the price lists for the various ceramic cookware on offer while comparing it to the product description. While it may be tempting to always settle for the cheapest product, be careful not to bring home substandard ceramic cookware. When shopping for the cookware and any other kitchedn product, I would advise you not to overlook the quality of a product over price.

3. Check the product properties

Of all the ceramic pan qualities, what appeals most to you? Do you like well decorated or brightly colored kitchen wares? By answering these questions, you will be a step closer to finding a ceramic ware that suits your needs. Also, consider several other factors like the like the quality and make of the nonstick pan handles.

4. Check their durability

The life of any nonstick ceramic depends on the amount of ceramic coating applied as well as the shelled metal. For instance, a cookware with several layers of ceramic coating will outlive one with a single layer. Plus the ceramic shelled metal also plays a critical role in determining the durability of the ceramic ware. Most companies primarily use either aluminum or steel in producing the ceramics. But steel products are known to outlast their aluminum counterparts. Remember this when shopping for the nonstick ceramic cookware.

5. Seek other users opinions

If you have never used a nonstick cookware before, you need to seek expert judgment in the form of reviews from persons that have tested the product. These can either be friends or close acquaintances already using the cookwares. I would also recommend that you heed to my advice from this product review.

A simple search of the product name online will also provide you with significant results and reviews about the product. You can also head to the products online home or sales page for more reviews from actual buyers.

Such information gives you a rough idea of what you expect from different products. It also helps you make a decision on the nonstick ceramic that appeals most to you.

Three of the best ceramic nonstick cookware

The large number of ceramic brands with each promoting their products can be overwhelming to new buyers. Based on our experience in dealing with different types of cook wares, we sampled out several of the most promising brands. I also compiled a short list of the three most reliable nonstick ceramic products currently available in the market.

1. Wear-Ever C943SA Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Cookware set (10-Pieces)

WearEver C943SA Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Set

WearEver C943SA Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Set

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This nonstick cookware comes in a set of ten-pieces all of which are produced from a heavy gauge ceramic coated aluminum. It utilizes natural earthy materials in production thereby following all the PTFE-PFOA free regulations. This ceramic cookware set also has high heat resistant capabilities. They are meant to operate on either low or medium cooking temperatures.

The ten-piece nonstick cookware also is available in a bright red color hat complements the kitchen decoration. These pieces also have vented lid glasses that allow for food glance at a glance. The Wear Ever pans are also complemented by a nylon spoon and a slotted turner.This ensures you don’t scratch them with steel serving and cooking spoons.

Looking at most ceramic cookware reviews, you will find clients unhappy about their oven experience with the ceramic. But that will not be the case with the Wear ever ceramic as we tested it to withstand 350 degrees F in an oven.

Why buy the Wear-ever nonstick

  • Heats up fast: Manufacturers recommend that you use medium heat with most ceramic cookwares. But most of these high gauge materials used in their manufacture takes centuries to heat up. The Wear-Ever nonstick is different as it heats up fast.
  • Ergonomic handles: The wear ever has unique silicon handles that provide a secure grip. The handles are also holed for ease of hanging.

Wear-ever shortfalls

  • Scratch stacking: This wear ever pans are differently sized products that perfectly fit into one another. But don’t attempt to stack them up as these results in scratches.
  • Medium heat: If you want your Wear Ever pans to last longer, avoid using them at high temperatures. Stick to the manufacturer recommended medium heat.


The fact that the cookware set come available in different sizes makes them perfect for everyone. From single individuals that love to cook for large families

2. Cook N Home NC-00359 Nonstick Ceramic Cookware set (10-Pieces)

Cook N Home NC-00359 Nonstick Ceramic Cookware set

Cook N Home NC-00359 Nonstick Ceramic Cookware set 

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The Cook N Home ceramic cookware has an elegant exterior finish as well as class a finely lined white interior. But you don’t have to fear about staining the white interior with sticky foods. The Cook N Home pans are also easy to clean and highly scratch resistant.

The red paint exterior is heat resistant and will last for the life of the pans with little maintenance. Their silicon handles are also fitted with a unique anti-slip coating for a soft feel when cooking.

Compared to other ceramic pots, the Cook N Home is more heat tolerant. You can cook comfortably with them over medium-high temperatures. Unlike most ceramics that can’t withstand temperatures above the low-medium levels.

Cook N Home ceramics Pros

  • They are sturdy: If you are looking for steady cook wears, you should go for the cook n home ceramic pots. The flat base also ensures even distribution of heat.
  • Don’t affect food taste: The ceramic cookware set is meant to ensure food safety, but some interfere with food taste after long periods of use. This may be as a result of chipped ceramic retaining food. But you can be assured the cook n home pots don’t chip easily and won’t affect your food taste.

Cook N Home ceramic cons

  • Not oven friendly: Though these ceramics are heat tolerant, their handles aren’t. Placing them in the oven will melt t away their delicate silicone handles.


This cookware can be used by virtually anyone regardless of their size of the family of cooking needs.

3. Green Life Soft Grip Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware set (14-Pieces)

Green Life Soft Grip Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware set

Green Life Soft Grip Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware set

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This set of 14 ceramic cookware pans is made of high gauge aluminum and coated with a thermolon nonstick ceramic. The unique coating is durable, chemical-free, and also easy to clean. These ceramic pots are lidded and fitted with soft handles.

The green life ceramic pots are dishwasher safe due to unique high scratch resistant and heat resistant exterior paint. Unlike other ceramic pots, the Green life ceramic is also oven safe.

Pros of the green life ceramic

  • Work on any stove: Because they are high temperature tolerant, the green life pans can work on virtually any stove. The varied sizes of the fry pans also make it possible to work on different cooker sizes
  • Come accompanied with own utensils: You don’t have to worry about not finding the perfect utensil that won’t chip your ceramic pans. The green life ceramic pans come accompanied with an own set of nylon utensils.

Cons to green life ceramics

  • Handles can scald hands: You have to be careful when handling the pan handles. Sometimes, the handles get hot and can scald your hands.
  • Lids break easily: These glass lids break easily. Don’t run them through cold water immediately after removing from the stove as they will shutter all over you and your kitchen.


Green life ceramic cookware set are hardy and chip and temperature tolerant. This makes them a great fit for persons learning to cook.

My Selection

​Each of these ceramic cooking pots has its fair share of advantages and shortfalls. But the benefits you stand to derive from using any of these pots far outweigh their shortcomings.

Still, if you are looking to buy best ceramic nonstick cookware, I would advise you to go for the 14-piece Green life soft grip cookware. I find them hardiest and thus safer to use regardless of your cooking experience. Means that even if you left the house for a few hours and left an egg frying, you will only find it charred with the pan still intact.

The Green life ceramic pans are also easy to clean. They also have many positive reviews from certified users on several platforms. I can confidently tell you that you will never regret buying the green life ceramic pans. Or either of the other two I have highlighted above.