Bun bo hue – a fantastically renowned beef noodle soup for Vietnamese cuisine.

Bun bo hue, a typical dish of only Hue ancient capital being well-known for both domestic and international cuisine that cannot find anywhere else the authentic flavor despite the few changes of cooking method as well as seasoning in other places.

Firstly, bun bo hue is believed to create its unique brand covering across Vietnam from the North to South. Actually, Hue spicy beef noodle is available at Vietnamese restaurants in many developed countries concluding USA, Canada, etc.

bun bo hue recipe

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The main ingredients to make bun bo hue are beef and pork trotters. Traditionally, the dish is not severed with pork legs, but now this one is added to increase the flavor and nutritional value. Make sure beef must be lean and veined. Pork trotters should be taken from knuckle to feet. To begin with, boil trotters at least a half hour, slow down fire as soon as boiling, simmering hours until being soft. Next, occasionally remove impurities rising on the top to make the broth clear. Cut pork blood into small pieces, then place on the pot. To increase the typical fragrant flavor, add more lemongrass. You should bash the trimmed stalk and tie it in a bunch before plopping into the boiling stewed pot. More importantly, it is also special thanks to the shrimp paste which is scooped out one cold water bowl (not using hot water), stir well the mixture in the cold water, then pour to the pot, mix well.

Next, fry onion with cooking oil and chili powder in little fire until getting golden brown. One pot of bun bo hue must have a layer of chili pepper floating on the top and gently keep boiling.

Soak the noodle in the boiling water pot in a few minutes then run in cold water. Assemble noodle in bowl, add sliced beef, pork legs, pork blood, add a little black pepper and coriander. Assemble raw vegetables on the plate to be served with noodle, scoop shrimp paste, lemon based on individual taste.

A bowl of noodle contains full of vitamins, fruits and nutrition. Broth is being delectable thanks to the skillfulness and patience of the cook in procedure. Hue spicy noodle soup featured by appetizing shrimp taste, fragrant lemongrass brings the gently yummy flavor.


bun bo hue recipe

Honestly, bun bo hue is considered the best Vietnamese food available for every season concluding summer or winter, cold or hot weather, every meals from breakfast to upper. Furthermore, the soup is Vietnamese’ favorite food and popular for every classes from the poor to rich. Especially, the beef noodle also reflects the hardworking and good-hearted characteristics of Hue women. Let’s enjoy the extremely wonderful Vietnamese bun bo hue!