Buttermilk sandwich recipe – special Vietnamese banh mi

Soft and porous buttermilk bread without egg is tasty for breakfast or when being hungry.  Let us learn how to make Vietnamese banh mi with runcooking.com.


  • 250 grams of wheat flour type 55 (the standard one)
  • 140 ml no-sugar fresh milk (warming if it is cold, do not need to warm at the normal temperature).
  • 30 grams cool butter (taken from fridge)
  • 1 small package of brown yeast (7 grams)
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • A little salt
  • Butter – to rub the surface of bread after cooking done

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Recipe for tasty Vietnamese banh mi

Step 1:  Add yeast, milk and sugar into the large bowl, mix well. Add flour, minced butter, mix well and turn on the flour mixing machine, knead in 15 minutes. At this stage, you need to handle the dough, if it is too sticky, add a little flour, or add milk if dough is too dry.

Step 2: Knead dough until smooth, cover with a little dry flour. Cover the lid and incubate until double blooming (about 1 hour). Be careful, in the cold weather in winter, place the bowl of dough onto the oven (do not turn on flame), place a bowl of hot water beside the dough bowl, and cover the oven door. The dough will bloom quickly if it is warm.  

Step 3: When dough blooms finely, take them out, place to the table, divide into 6 parts, form round shapes.

Step 4: Cover a little dry flour on the surface of table to avoid the dough being sticky to table. Handle to stretch dough until medium flat. Then, shape into banh mi style.

Step 5: Roll over sesame seeds (optional), assemble into baking tray with non-sticky baking paper below.

Step 6: Leave banh mi dough in 15-20 minutes to make it more bloom

Step 7: Slit some short strips on the surface of bread dough

Step 8: Turn on the oven at 240°C in 5 minutes to heat the oven, place a small bowl of water. Place bread dough into the oven and bake until blooming (about 5 minutes), then slow down the heat about 190°C until turning golden brown all sides. When the bread is finely baked, rub a little melted butter on the surface of bread.

tasty banhmi 7

Step 9: Take bread out, leave until cool. In fact, Vietnamese banh mi followed by this recipe will be soft, moist as well as porous. You can serve with Chinese sausage, sausage or dip with hot milk cacao, or enjoy with jam.

Last but not least, tighten bread inside the plastic nylon if you want to store it overnight. Before eating if it is too tender, bake again in the oven about 4 minutes, it will be fresh again. Right now, you know how to make a perfect buttermilk banh mi recipe!. Hope you enjoy it.

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