Alfredo Sauce- Can We Freeze It to Preserve for Later Use?

In Western countries, most people homemade different kinds of sauce to accompany pasta dishes or pizza such as tomato sauce, primavera, white bean sause, chicken afredo, white clam sauce, etc. Alfredo sauce is a very popular Italian sauce which is made with butter, Parmesan cheese, heavy cream, and add some garlic or parsley for flavor. Alfredo sauce is a great combination with pasta dishes like spaghetti, noodles, linguine, and rotini.

You have made alfredo sauce for your family’s pasta meal today, but you still have much sauce leftover at the end. You do not know how you can store it for later use. You wonder if you can freeze and thaw it whenever you want to. You have no idea how long it can be kept in fridge. This review will help you answer those questions.

Different combinations with alfredo sauce

First of all, let’s have an overview on alfredo sauce. There are several ways to make alfredo sauce, but we are not talking about the alfredo sauce recipes here. Besides pasta dishes, we can also accompany alfredo sauce with the following dishes:

  • Chicken divan casserole
  • Swedish meatballs
  • Creamy tomato pierogie casserole
  • Scrambled eggs benedict
  • Baked potatoes
  • Cauliflower and squash gratin
  • Basil chicken with tomato

Best way to store alfredo sauce

Most people know the best way to store any kind of food longer is to keep it in fridge. However, the problem is will we just simply put the sauce in refrigerator and take it out for using whenever we need? No, it is not the way to store the alfredo sauce.

Following is steps that you should follow in order to keep your homemade alfredo sauce safe indefinitely:

  • It is the best to contain your cooked alfredo sauce in covered container before keeping it in the fridge.
  • People often keep it in the refrigerator three to four days before preserving it in freezer.
  • Cover the alfredo sauce with airtight container when keeping it in the freezer.
  • For its best quality, freezer time of the sauce is from four to six months.
  • When you would like to reheat the sauce for using, make sure to stir it well to prevent cream-based sauce from gelation.

Best containers for alfredo sauce in the freezer

As mentioned earlier, you can place the alfredo sauce in an airtight container. Regardless of which container you are using, make sure no water gets into the container; otherwise, it will be watery when thawing later and will destroy the sauce.

Some other kinds of container for preserving the alfredo sauce:

  • Place it in an ice cube tray and cover it with an ziplock freezer bag.
  • Use a heavy-duty freezer bag to put the sauce in before keeping it in the freezer.
  • If you do not have any of the above containers at place, just simply use a glass bowl but make sure to cover it with plastic paper.

Tips for reheating the alfredo sauce to remain its original taste

Even though you have followed all the steps of preserving alfredo sauce to use it as long as possible, you should know some tips for successfully reheating the alfredo sauce to make sure your family also enjoy a second round of the alfredo sauce.

Here is some tips to reheat the frozen alfredo sauce without loosing its good taste:

  • After taking it out of the freezer, you shoud thaw it for 24 hours
  • If you contained it in a freezer bag, cut a triangle shape on the corner of the bag, but not too big if you won’t use all at once.
  • Take enough sauce for your use and put it on a small pan or microwave dish after thawing.
  • If you heat by pan, keep it on a low heat and stir frequently until hot.
  • If you heat by oven, heat at 50% power.
  • After the heating process, toss it with your pasta or other dishes and enjoy.

Remember, some people face breaking of sauce when reheating. In this case, they add more cream, butter, or cheese and stir well with folk.

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It doesn’t matter whether you buy a bottle of alfredo sauce from a grocery store or make it yourself, but it is significant to understand how to preserve leftover sauce after using to remain its taste indefinitely.

It is easy to store and reheat the remaining alfredo sauce if you read the instruction carefully, and we are sure that you are not wasting time when reading those useful information.

We hope you find the best method to use, store, and reheat alfredo sauce and always enjoy your meals with beloved people.

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