Can you freeze cream-based soups?


Soup is always one of my favorite food for lunch and dinner during cool months. Having a bowl of soup makes me feel the meal is more delicious. However, honestly, I do not like to go to market and cook everyday. Therefore, I often prepare extra soups and keep it in the freezer for later use.

Being loved for soups, especially cream-based soups, requires me to understand about freezing different kinds of soup to be able to enjoy the second round of the soup bowls. In this review, I will share to you which cream soups can be frozen and not, and rules which we should follow to successfully freeze the leftover cream soup for later use.

Can cream-based soups be frozen?

Any soup recipe won’t be a perfect success without adding some sour cream at the end. By adding cream, the soup will have a richer flavor and smoother texture even though you use very simple ingredients for the soup. That’s why people love adding cream in their soup recipes. You can find many ideas about making different cream-based soup recipes on Internet.

Some kinds of soup will become greater when adding cream such as potato soup, broccoli soup, mushroom soup, chicken soup, tomato basil soup, asparagus soup, cauliflower soup, chowder, pea, wild rice soup, and some more.

However, can cream-based soup be frozen well and remain its taste when reheating?  Yest, sort of. Nonetheless, you might find that cream soups will get very thick after freezing. The sour cream will make the soup’s contents some how separate during the freezing process which affects its appearance and texture. Compared to pre-frozen state, the soup will have a different consistency.

As freshly made, the soup is smooth and creamy. After defrosting, the soup might change to grainy and lumpy. To avoid this problem, after you thaw the soup and gently reheat in pot, remember to stir it well until the contents all get back together and/or add some milk and cream till you find its desired consistency. Some people suggest to use a blender to blend the soup for 30 seconds before reheating to fix the separation. You may try this tip as well.

How to freeze cream soups?

Sour cream itself is not a good choice for freezing, but cream-based soups can be frozen with careful blending and right method to remain as much of its original state as possible. Also, do not keep cream-based soup in the freezer for too long. If the soup has a very thick cream base, it will be difficult to remains its freshly made texture.

  • You need to cool down the cream soup first
  • Put leftover cool cream soup into plastic freezer containers/boxes
  • Remember to leave some extra space at the top of the containers in case the soup expands while freezing.
  • Tightly seal the containers
  • Place the containers in freezer.
  • Thaw the soup in the refrigerator overnight before reheating.

Rules to follow before freezing any cream soups

There are some rules shared on the Internet when freezing different kinds of cream-based soup. You may find it helpful in some cases.

  1. If you add any kind of pasta in your cream soups, remove it from your soup because pasta will break up when freezing.
  2. Avoid adding any fresh herbs in the leftover soup for freezing. It is better to add herbs when reheating.
  3. It’s not a good decision to freeze potato cream soups because potatoes will fall apart during the freezing process.
  4. Under cook any green vegetable such as beans or pea if you would like to add vegetables in your cream soups. Or it is better to cook vegetables while reheating to avoid them getting mushy.

Others than those couple of things you need to remember, just feel free to store any kind of cream soup in the freezer by following the instruction.


Sour cream is an excellent ingredient to make delicious cream soup recipes. You can freeze cream soups well if you know the right freezing methods. I hope my review provides you enough information and guides on how to freeze cream soups. Enjoy your cream soup and share with me and others your experience as well as any question if you have. We can discuss together to create wonderful cream soup recipes.

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