Cau Bong banh canh ghe (Vietnamese thick noodle soup with spider crabs): palatable by spider crabs

The shop is located at the foot of Bong Bridge (Sai Gon) being attractive thanks to many spider crabs displaced inside the glass showcase. In fact, it has become the crowded destination for those loving spider crab dishes.


Cau Bong banh canh ghe

The restaurant daily opens from early afternoon until 7pm that is suitable for office workers and students after working time and available with tables and chairs, but the outsides or even area closing to embankment are the interesting places for the cool and fresh air.

Honestly, banh canh with crabs is more renown than spider crabs. However, many people feel curious as soon as the shop launches, then after a short period of time, it is quickly rated on the top of “strange” restaurants in Sai Gon.

The soup has no special features compared to the normal but using spider crab for alternative. A serving bowl concludes soup cakes, a blood cube, shrimp balls and a half of a spider crab. Therefore, this is not the place for those who want to find a special flavor.

Because the flavor of the dish is not prominent and featured, the broth is also not impressive and the served shrimp cakes are a little bland. However, the noticeable feature is the spider crab bringing delish flavor with two reasons: large and fresh leading many visitors come in afternoons.

The customers usually eat quickly the serving ingredients but the best mouthwatering thing is to taste the spider crab, but not the soup cakes. You can order more spider crab to satisfy your appetizing, big or small with different costs.

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banh canh ghe

banh canh ghe cau bong

The price rises across the time. Years ago, a soup cake is just 25,000 dong for with a half spider crab but now a double increase with 45,000 dong for a serving bowl is lightly high for the shop sidewalk.

However, this is not the reason reduces the customers. In fact, Cau Bong banh canh ghe offers the “strange” dish and price and quality are not the concerns for customers. They reveal that they come to enjoy spider crab but not the soup cake.

Equally important, consuming the thick noodle soup, the important things are serving foods conclude sugar cane juice, banh quay (Vietnamese fried breadsticks), mixture of salt, peppers with lemon, a shrimp ball/cake and mushrooms. The authentic product has orange color from the water base/broth as well as spider crab.