Three distinct Vietnamese banh mi for Hanoi teenagers

It is believed that banh mi with spring roll and tomato, banh mi with egg and shredded beef jerky, banh mi with minced beef, etc. are distinguished bead in Hanoi. It is noteworthy that their flavor is extremely special and specific.

I. Banh mi with spring roll and potato – banh mi nem khoai

With the “strange” name, it is the distinct combination of bread with spring roll and potato, two snack foods preferred by most of teenagers. Just bake banh mi until heating, add some nem chua known as fried spring rolls, fried potatoes, sprinkle a little mayonnaise sauce, sweet chili sauce, cucumber, then you have a great sandwich concluding enough crispy, tender, greasy and spicy flavors.

In fact, the mixture style of this banh mi available only Hai Ba Trung river areas, Huong Vien Street, closed to Tran Nhan Tong high school. Despite not being popular across Hanoi, banh mi nem khoai remains the best choice for breakfast and after school time of students in those areas. In Huong Vien Street, Hai Ba Trung District, many restaurants and stands hang the “banh mi nem khoai” signs. Due to that, the dish is “trendy food” for you to try once. Perhaps, the quality of every restaurant shares the same because of its simple recipe. Price for one is 18.000 dong.

banh mi teen

II. Vietnamese banh mi with egg and shredded beef jerky – banh mi trung bo kho

This is one more strange combination, or can be called “unusual” recipe. Fried egg and beef jerky are the separate foods not relating to each other. However, it is very bestselling in one stand located in Nhan Hoa Street where offers steamed sticky rice (xôi) and of course this kind of banh mi.

Located in the head of small corner, in front of Phan Dinh Giot secondary school, a street food stall, slightly plain, but sells quite many dishes. Among those, banh mi trung bo kho is the famous food there attracting almost teenagers.

Banh mi baked in a suspended electric baking pan (similar to stores selling Doner kebab) contains one fried egg and shredded beef jerky, as well as mayonnaise sauce, chili sauce, pickled vegetables. Due to the full amazing ingredients with just 10-15 thousand dong, the dish is more preferred.

However, because of the low price, the beef jerky is not the great type. They make it themselves, marinate with the sweet flavor, served with banh mi creating the distinct taste. Don’t worry of suffering stomachache because it is fine for many students, those come to the stall so long time until now, both eat directly there and take away.

vietnamese egg and shredded beef

III. Banh mi with minced beef

Last but not least, minced beef bread is also the unique variation of banh mi, but not too much “strange”. Mince beef very thinly, marinate with tasty spices, then form into balls. When customer comes to try, the host of restaurant will take minced beef balls, and fry quickly to increase the fragrant flavor, then add them into banh mi, that is already available with vegetables. Finally, to make the dish more yummy and stunning, sprinkle a thin layer of ham (dam bong) together with greasy mayonnaise sauce.

Banh mi with minced beef only belongs to one restaurant in Chua Lang Street, next to International Relation Academy. With just 15 thousand dong, it is much more interested, the familiar dish of students. Apart from minced beef, the stall provides paté, Chinese sausage, sausage, etc. Price for a combo banh mi is less than 25.000 dong, very delish and make you full.


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