Famous destinations for those “addicted” to bun bo hue beef noodle soup in Hanoi

Among Vietnamese foods, bun bo hue is available in many Hanoi restaurants to meet people’s consuming needs. Therefore, today we would like to reveal several notorious hue beef noodle addresses in the capital.

1. Lac Long Quan Bun bo hue (opposite Ciputra gate)

The restaurant host is Hue person who makes the food following the authentic Hue beef noodle recipe. Thick rice noodles made from grinded rice mixed with a little bot loc (best flour) creating the white, clear, and quite firm noodles. A bun bo hue of just 35,000 Vnd concluding full of ingredients such as beef brisket, beef balls, pork meatballs, blood cubes and fragrant herbs, coriander, etc.

The beef brisket which features firm, aromatic and large slices bring the scrumptious flavor. Besides, medium sliced pork knuckles are tender. Notably, apart from the pork and beef patties, Lac Long Quan bun ho hue is also available with crab patties (cha cua) which taste crispy and fragrant. Additionally, blood cubes severed with noodles are firm but soft, not dried or breakable and without unpleasant smell.

The broth is rather greasy and not clear as well as lacking of lemongrass flavor. However, stewed bones broth is quite sweet absorbed with fragrant shrimp paste. According to the host, more shrimp paste and fewer lemongrasses to avoid the strong broth fragrance. By the way, for those who are familiar with lemongrass flavor, it is a lack of special aroma.

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Famous destinations bun bo hue

2. Nguyen Khang bun bo hue

Although the host and chef are not Hue people, the noodle soup here imbues the flavor of the Old capital. The beef noodle contains full of ingredients concluding large rice noodle, medium sliced beef, firm and tender pork’s legs accompanied with two ear spring-rolls (gio tai) and two small meatballs.

The most attractive feature is the authentic broth considered to be appetizing thanks to sweet bones, shrimp paste and enough lemongrass. Especially, the strong lemongrass flavor perfectly combined with shrimp paste, the mixture of pig’s feet, beef, black peepers, spring onions, fish sauce, all together create the gentle and aromatic fragrance.

The price of one noodle bowl is 30.000 dong. The restaurant decoration is neat, polite and clean. Address 469 Nguyen Khang, Cau Giay to enjoy the yummy Vietnamese bun bo hue!

3. Nga Tu So bun bo hue

Along Lang Street of Nga Tu So, a range of Hue beef noodle restaurants but not all of them are tasty.  One of the most renowned restaurants named Quynh Beo which broth has both tasty shrimp paste and aromatic lemongrass.

When enjoying, add a few lemon drops, a little sauté chili to make an extremely delectable noodle soup to anyone in even hot summer. Quynh Beo bun bo hue is quite full of ingredients including beef, blood cubes or pork’s legs which are all larger sliced. Beef meatballs are crispy, firm but the rice noodles are little thinner than authentic bun bo hue.

The scrumptious noodle soup with only 30.000 dong opened in breakfast and lunch, not for dinner.

4. Tran Quy Cap bun bo hue

Compare to above bun bo hue addresses, “Di Nam” restaurant in Tran Quy Cap is not sufficient but really qualitied and attractive. Notably, the pork meatballs are tastier: big and really fragrant. The broth has authentic hue flavor: clear, fragrant, sweet. Aromatic beef brisket and black peeper absorbed to meatballs. Very attractive!!!

Equally important, the noticeable feature in “Di Nam” bun bo hue is Quang Ngai salty shallots that is crispy, sour, flavorful severed with bun bo hue.

The price is 35.000 dong for a bowl. Although it is a little expensive comparing to other places, it is not expensive at all because of fragrant ingredients served with Quang Ngai salty shallots as well as free tea. Last but not least, the restaurant is quite clean, spacious and cool in summer without being afraid of hot weather.