Five super exquisite thick noodle soup among Hue foods

Today would like to reveal Banh Canh (thick noodle soup), among the best Hue dishes, all the times on the top of Vietnamese cuisines.

1. Nam Pho banh canh

Long time ago, Nam Pho soup cake named after the local name, is 7km from Hue. In fact, it is sold peripatetically but not in shops or restaurants. Everyday about 1 to 2 pm, Nam Pho peddlers shoulder their wares and travel to Hue City, advertising while seeing customers. Gradually, thanks to the rising of public preference, more and more shops are specialized in this soup patty on the city. ( Banh canh bot loc recipe )

Flour to use is well-knead rice flour, thinly rolled, slice into short strips. Grind fresh shrimps and marinate the spices until well absorbed. After thinly chopped rice flour being medium cooked, add shrimp chunk. When the pot bottom turns gelatinous, keep warm then travel to sell.

The final product contains the white rosy color and gelatinous full covered by ingredients on the top. When serving, pure fish sauce stirred with finely chopped green chili is necessary that increases the taste. Banh canh Nam Pho is easy to eat and reaches many customers’ interests in all ages even for the children. Nam Pho soup is available on Pham Hong Thai Street, Hue (from 2 – 5 pm) just from 10,000 dong.


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2. Banh canh ca loc (thick noodle soup with snakehead)

Among Hue cuisines, banh canh ca loc is most people’s preference made by many different starches such as rice flour, tapioca, wheat flour or the mixture of many starches and the soup.

First, standard snakeheads must be strong and healthy, preliminary process, extract the lean meat then cut into mouth-sized pieces, and marinate until totally absorbing the spices. After that, transfer to stove and stir fry to well firm.

The fish bones simmer with pork bones to make broth tastier. Whenever the customer visits, seller just boils the flour strips, transfer to the top of simmered snakehead, add chopped onion springs then scoop water base to the serving bowl. Wow, the gently sweet of broth, absorbed spices of meat combined with smooth flour strips create the mouth-watering recipe and make all eaters nonstop commending while enjoying.

The soup cake just costs 8,000-10,000 dong/bowl especially on Nguyen Hue and Dinh Cong Trang.

banh canh

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3. Banh canh bo (Beef thick soup cake)

Apart from shrimp, crab, fish ingredients to make soup patties, thick noodle soup with beef is the amazing alternative whose ingredient is beef brisket, well boiled, thinly sliced, firm meat with clear tendon.

The crunchy and chewy meat pieces mixed with soft thick noodle strips bring the eaters the delightful feelings being different from any other noodles. In addition, thick noodle soup with pork hock, tendon or bones are also available to change your appetite.

With 15,000 dong, you can try each serving bowl offering on Nguyen Hue Street, Hue City.


4. Banh canh cua (Crab thick noodle soup)

Among Hue best foods, banh canh cua is believed enjoyable dish that you cannot miss out when travel to Hue. Notably, the sweet taste makes the fascinating and relaxing feeling that hard to find in any others. ( Banh canh cua – Crab thick noodle soup recipe: easy to make and flavorful to enjoy)

Flour strips mainly made from rice flour mixed with tapioca, are both smooth and chewy. Clean crab, boil till done then separate the crabmeat.

The crab chunk is hold, broken crabmeat stirred with crab roe, rub with spices to make crab balls (cha cua), roll to small round balls then add to the water base.

When serving, seller only boil flour, place to the top of crab pieces and crab balls, scoop broth to the surface of bowl then add sliced onion springs to increase the fragrance as well as reduce the fishy smell.

Enjoy banh canh cua to experience the clear and gentle of broth and crabmeat, the chewy and sweet of aromatic crab cakes/balls, in fact, it always attract customers.

Each serving bowl costs 15,000 dong being much available on Pham Hong Thai, Hue.


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5. Ba Doi thick noodle soup

The title of soup named after the chef, Mrs Doi. The destination attracts many people even demanding eaters. Honestly, the recipe and consuming are also special as its name. Actually, the ingredients are fresh shrimps boiled without shell, then formed into small balls and boiled until cooked. Those make the distinguished soup. The ingredients of Ba Doi soup patties are well processed and marinated spices to be well absorbed before selling.

How to try the dish does not differ from other normal banh canh. Customer will experience the clear water base, shrimps and balls assembled to the top.

Last but not least, together with soup cake concluding a host of optional spices to serve such as chili paste, spring onions, quail eggs, salt, peppers and seasoning powder. After people seasoning based on their interest, now ready to enjoy the yummy banh canh.

It is such simple ingredients that create the best real scrumptious Vietnamese food. Cool, sweet and tasty, unforgettable memory!!!


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