Three greatest Vietnamese banh mi sandwich located in Saigon

What is the recipe to create the distinct flavor for bread loaves being bestselling in Saigon such as: Huynh Hoa, Bay Ho and Nhan Ngai? Let’s find the details!

Banh mi is considered as the magnificent dish that can be served with any paired ingredients such as pate, fried shredded pork meat or butter that sets the renowned Vietnamese banh mi apart from other stalls, making the distinguished combination.

1. Huynh Hoa banh mi

It is obvious that Banh mi Huynh Hoa is the very famous destination appeared in both Vietnam and international news. We can easily realize from the following picture that a range of people placing in a long row to buy banh mi with an extremely high price – 32.000 dong, that is equal to the price of a great beef noodle soup. Despite the increasing expense, the restaurant has been remaining crowded visitors since more than 10 years ago. Maybe the secret is paté and cold cuts (thịt nguội), those make the special features for Huynh Hoa stall.


Before placing ingredients into bread, slightly bake in the charcoal stove to make heating and its shell crispier.

First, pate is extremely smooth thanks to each of pork liver minced very finely we can see the very tiny ones easily. The surface is so stunning, red rosy and the amazing flavor.


With the distinct pate that is greasy, but also fragrant, tasty so the overweight people must not worry. In fact, the sweet, salt, greasy, and fragrant taste combined well to together. That surely brings the unique taste for Huynh Hoa pate. Besides, it also contributes to make the serving ingredients more flavorful and enjoyable.

The combo of cold cuts concluding dried shredded pork meat, pork pie and pork belly those are great, clean and attractive.

banh mi store

Just watching the stacks of cold cuts assembling on in glass displace case that totally stimulates your appetite. They are cut by machine with the fitted size, makes banh mi more fantastic. The cold cut is not bored thanks to the balance between fat and lean meat ratio. Eaters will feel the sweet and aromatic taste for the cut pieces. Especially, occasionally bite the black peppers make the taste more flavorful.

Pate, cold cut with a layer of fired shredded pork meat, pickled radish, spring onion, coriander and fresh vegetables served with distinct flavors create an amazing recipe when we visit Huynh Hoa banh mi stall.

Address: 26 Le Thi Rieng, District 1, HCM City.

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2. Nhan Ngai banh mi

It is renowned as the long-standing brand name in Da Lat, until being transferred to Saigon, this destination receives much attention. However, it is not easy to stand sustainably after coming to Saigon among the host of other bread stalls there. It has changed style, becoming the more luxurious place, setting it apart from the traditional stores along the streets.

bread store

And, one thing to make the stall more well-known is the bread with chicken, shredded into fitted strips that we can feel the authentic chicken not being misunderstood with the others.

The way to season and taste is also special. The style of this restaurant is not containing too many vegetables. The pickles, corianders only mark the slight highlight helping the dish not too greasy. It is noteworthy that the main ingredients are full. Thanks to that, the dish is fitting to appetite, making you nonstop biting all bread.

One another good point for Nhan Ngai banh mi is to conclude many different sauces, apart from Mayonnaise butter egg sauce, Da Lat chili sauce, condense soy sauce made by the restaurant host at the right time you eat. Although this is the small step, it makes the dish much more “unique”.

Address: 97 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Binh Thanh District.

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3. Banh mi Bay Ho

If you want to find an “ancient” bread stall to try a traditional flavor, one suggestion for you is one standing in the small alley on Huynh Khuong Ninh, District 1.

bread store

Actually, over 80 years passed by, Bay Ho Bread has fought all other amazing stalls thanks to remaining the taste and coherent style. Even, the price is lightly not rising with just 12-15000 dong per loaf. Though it is old, Saigon people those live in ally Huynh Khuong Ninh still love its flavor by special pate and butter.

It passed by three times from Tran Van Hau for the first time to selling paired with pork meat, pate and pork pie. Then, his daughter – Tran Le Suong inherited, until now Ho Quoc Dung – the grandson of Mr Hau manages and develops. In fact, recipe for this banh mi with pate and butter becomes the traditional recipe across three generations. However, pate recipe has not changed much, even much more fragrant. In fact, many visitors especially the elderly those want to find the flavor of the ancient pate, spend time crossing kilometers to buy banh mi Bay Ho

Address: 23 Huynh Khuong Ninh, District 1.

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