What Do Lentils Taste Like?

Lentils are often used in many recipes, especially, in the Indian cooking styles. In fact, lentils are not the rare foods and come in a variety of types but the four common types that can be easily found everywhere are green, red, du puy (French green) and beluga (black).  Have you ever tried all of them? What do lentils taste like? Do all of them taste the same?

The Common Taste of Lentils

what-do-lentils-taste-likeIn general, lentils are easy to cook and do not take too much time to be cooked through. How about the taste? They taste somehow like the taste of dried legumes. When being cooked, lentils are quite tender, sweet and have earthy flavor. However, lentils a type of chameleonic food that can be blended easily into the food paired with, so to bring out the best flavor of each type, each should be cooked with their own way.

Black lentils


Back to the taste of black lentils, they are often sold whole shape and need to be soaked in the water before cooking, which will save the cooking time. Wondering about the taste of black lentils? They are as delicious as “their siblings”. But they would bring a bit different flavors depending on how you cook the black lentils. Also, they are numerous ways to make a dish with your black lentils. They are tasty when paring with shrimps, they are wonderful when pairing beef. But they would be probably great when making black lentils into black lentil curry soup. The black lentils will create a smooth texture to the curry.

Red lentils


Red lentils are really beautiful in their color, but when being cooked, the color turns to golden. Although red lentils are not rare to be found in markets, they are not the common food so some people. If you are curious about how the taste of red lentils like, you should buy them in bulk and search a curry recipes for your red lentils. Your red lentils will be really great in curry. They not only bring the sweet flavor out of your curry but also create the smooth and sticky texture for curry.

Green lentils


Green lentils are easy to be overcooked, which turns them into mush. However, in some recipes, this brings the food a great flavor and taste. Especially, whatever you pair your green lentils with meat or not. The taste is still amazing. If you want to try green lentils, try this recipe

French Green Lentils


The name of French green lentils is associated with the place they were originally cultivated, which named Puy in France. However, now these lentils are no longer only cultivated in Puy, they are grown in Italy and North America. Unlike other lentils which are often easy to be overcooked, French green lentils are preferred to be pair with salad because they are firm and crunchy, so they can remain the whole shape after being cooked. Also, they bring the very rich flavor to your salad.

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