How to make perfect Vietnamese banh mi with sausage

Among many kinds of bread, banh mi sandwich with sausage is a super simple dish made in just some minutes and it actually makes your partner feel your real love in the daily breakfast, especially in special days.


– 1 onion
– 1 tablespoon olive oil
– 1 minced garlic
– 200 grams beef
– 1 tomato sauce
– 1 teaspoon chili powder
– 4 sausages
– 4 loaves of bread
– 1 bowl salt cucumber


Step 1: Add olive oil, heat the pan. Add minced beef and stir quickly
Step 2 :When beef closes to be fine, turn off heat, add tomato sauce, chili powder and a little salt, stir well. Place onto the stove in the low heat until well cooked, then turn off fire.
Step 3: Prepare other ingredients such as cheese (cut into strips), salt cucumber and minced onion, stir slightly.
Step 4: Cut bread into half, place sausage inside. Then add salt cucumber, ground meat. Finally add one layer of sliced cheese and onion. Okay, that is enough for a perfect breakfast for your family.

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Final product

Perfect for the big game, picnic, party or anytime, chili cheese dogs!

Perfect for the big game, picnic, party or anytime, chili cheese dogs!

Actually, with some above basic steps, it is simple and fast to make Vietnamese banh mi with sausage which has nice golden color, crispy and fragrant of ground beef, greasy cheese and sausage. Notably, thanks to the sour cucumber, you do not feel fat any more.
Vietnamese banh mi with sausage is suitable for busy family and you can bring to anywhere such as school, office, etc. Especially, in the special day, we recommend you make the yummy dish for you lover!