How to make Vietnamese spring rolls (nem ran) crispy and yummy for Tet holiday

Vietnamese spring rolls is the popular food of Hanoi people and indispensable in the meals to gather family members. In fact, many recipes for spring rolls are available nowadays, but for crispy, tasty and greasy “nem ran”, not many ones know.


Traditional Tet meals contain some popular foods such as banh chung (stuffed sticky rice cake), chicken, gio cha (pork ham), pickled onion, etc and of course “nem ran” is among the most important ones. Thanks to the creativity of housewives, many different recipes are offered to the tasty dish.

However, in Tet holiday, Vietnamese people never forget to make the traditional nem ran that concludes basic and popular ingredients such as pork meat, rice vermicelli and wood ear fungus. Do not ignore this below secret for tasty Vietnamese spring rolls!

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These following ingredients are necessary to prepare for the traditional nem ran.

  • 400 grams shoulder pork meat (contain both lean and fat)
  • 1 onion
  • 150 grams bean sprouts, some carrots and kohlrabies
  • 100 grams rice vermicelli, some mushroom and wood ear fungus.
  • 2 eggs
  • Spring onion, coriander, peppers, fish sauce, spices
  • 35-40 rice papers/wrappers


Step 1: First, you should choose the shoulder marbled with fat and lean meat that must be fresh, healthy, dark-pink color, as well as firm and elastic. After clean, you mince it finely by using meat grinder or blender. However, some families usually mince by knife instead of grinder aiming to make meat tight when rolling and avoid being fragile.

Step 2: Grind well all kinds of vegetables concluding onion, carrot, kohlrabi, spring onion and coriander. If the grinder or blender are not available, you can slice the ingredients into tiny cubes. Especially fro carrot and kohlrabi, you can peel thinly by julienne peeler.

Step 3: Soak rice vermicelli into the 30 °C warm water in 5 minutes until soft, then cut into short length. The vermicelli will make nem ran crispier.

Step 4: Soak mushroom and wood ear fungus in hot water until soft, discard the roots and old foots of mushrooms, slice thinly. Add more wood ear fungus if you want nem ran greasier.

Step 5: Clean and chop finely bean sprouts, onion spring and coriander. Bean sprout and onion will make the spring rolls sweeter. Be careful not add too many of them to prevent Vietnamese spring rolls from being broken.

Step 6: Place all below ingredients in a large bowl. Sprinkle one tablespoon of cooking oil, add peppers, fish sauce, spices, seasoning powder. Remember to add a few spices, because we will dip spring rolls with dipping sauce, besides the rice papers also have the certainly salty taste.

Break 2 eggs into the bowl, mix well all ingredients, not add too many eggs to prevent the ingredients from wet and difficult to roll.

Step 7: Stretch rice paper, dip into beer or vinegar to make the wrapper crunchy, then moisten well all surfaces of wrapper. Scoop a few ingredients on the flat surface, roll and drag until reaching the center, then fold both sides inwards, continue to roll up tightly until the end. Be careful to roll tightly, then they will not be broken while frying.

Step 8: Heat well the cooking oil, place spring rolls to fry slightly, fry once more time when eating to be well cooked all sides. Fry one side till golden brown, then turn to other side, continue frying until they turn golden brown. Notably, not to fry nem ran in the very high heat to avoid being burned and less tasty.

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Final product:

We have just finished the spring rolls, one of the Vietnamese traditional foods called nem ran in the North, cha gio in the South.

How to make Vietnamese spring rolls not difficult, but the preparation is a little time-consuming. However, those are not problems when we want to get a tasty dish. Let’s try to make the nem ran, the necessary dish in Vietnamese New Year holiday.

Be careful that when you roll with the raw ingredients, then place to the cool compartment of fridge, the wrapper easy to be fragile. Therefore, before rolling, you should stir-fry slightly until drying, then start to make in the normal steps.

This above is considered the effective way to get the tasty and crispy spring rolls. Although many recipes are available these days such as adding shrimp or other marine foods, the traditional nem ran is also Vietnamese women’s preference to teach their daughters.

Besides, a scrumptious sour-sweet dipping sauce is the very important to make the spring rolls more delectable. Because nem ran is delicious or not thanks to the dipping sauce that must be equality between sour and sweet taste, the sweet of seasoning and sugar, the sour taste of lemon (or vinegar) stirred well with filtered water, add minced garlic, some slices of fresh chilli to create the perfect combination for Vietnamese spring rolls.

And Video Vietnamese spring rolls will help you better understand.

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