Recipe: Hu tieu noodle soup and Vietnamese beef stew

Among the delish Vietnamese foods, beef stew is the famous one in Sai Gon that can be made easily at home instead of enjoying in the restaurant.


  • 1 kg beef brisket (or beef tenderloin), 4 carrots
  • Chinese parky (culantro), basil, laska leaves, lemongrass, seasoning powder, a beef stew seasoning package, annatto seeds
  • Sugar, salt, fish sauce, red shallots, minced garlic, onion, fresh bean sprouts, fried rice stick (hu tieu), bread.


Step 1: Clean all kinds of vegetables

Step 2: Cut carrots into short lengths, chop into quarters.

Step 3: Clean beef, slice into 5 cm lengths

Step 4: Marinate beef with beef stew seasoning that concludes fresh leaves. Add a little seasoning powder, sugar, fish sauce. Marinate in 30 minutes to absorb well.

Step 5: Slightly stir fry the marinated beef until its surface turn to cooked.

Step 6: Place lemongrass, water into pot and simmer until tender

Step 7: Add carrots, simmer till finely in 20 minutes

Step 8: Season again, add annatto seeds to make the dish stunning

Step 9: Transfer bo kho –  stew beef into bowl, add laska leaves, chopped onion. Serve with basil, cilantro and Vietnamese banh mi (bread). A mixture of chili, lemon and salt is the alternative if you do not want to serve with chili sauce.



Bo kho is one of the tasty dishes, a unique recipe for your family. Among many methods cooking bo kho, traditional recipe is the preference of almost people. Especially, the dish can serve with hot rice or bread in the winter bringing the amazing experience for you all.

Tip: If you use hu tieu (rice stick), blanch it slightly into boiled water, then transfer into bowl, scoop stew beef on the bowl. Remember to enjoy when heating!