Recipe for Vietnamese crispy shrimp spring rolls – Nem ran tom

When the traditional spring rolls are familiar with us, we should try to make the new one called shrimp spring rolls – Nem ran tom from the very easy recipe but really amazing. In fact, the dish served with fresh vegetables and sour-sweet dipping sauce will leave an unforgettable memory.


The main ingredients for nem ran tom are shrimps and lean meat which are different from the common spring rolls. The differences of materials bring the special flavor that you should try to change your family’s taste. It is undeniable that your meal will be more fascinating and interesting. Make sure you prepare the following materials.

For making “nem”:

  • 100 grams shrimps, 100 grams lean meat
  • 10 mushrooms, 5 wood-ear fungus
  • 1 small carrot
  • 10 grams dried rice noodles
  • 1 chicken egg
  • Spring onion, garlic, seasonings/spices
  • 1 packet woven rice-paper sheets (banh trang cha re). You can buy it here.

For decorating

  • White radish, 1 carrot
  • Chilli
  • Bamboo toothpick

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Step 1: Similar to the traditional nem ran, the recipe of shrimp spring rolls (nem ran tom) also needs to prepare ingredients inside the rolls first. Soak mushrooms and wood-ear fungus in warm water in 15 minutes then wash with water, dry and thinly slice. Mince lean meat with 2 cloves garlic. Thinly chop spring onions. Peel carrot, clean and grate into short thin strips. Crush rice noodles. About shrimps, remove shells, discard head, devein, but leave the tail.

Step 2: Assemble all ingredients into a large bowl (except shrimps), lightly break eggshell then season to fit your taste.

Step 3: Wear nylon gloves and mix very well all ingredients to absorb the seasonings by hand or by chopsticks to make “nem” softer. Especially, stir egg very well.

Step 4: Double cut woven rice-paper sheets. Overlap two pieces, assemble all roll-ingredients, then place shrimp with the tail coming out. Start to roll like the common “nem”. Be careful to roll very tightly until the end avoiding being broken.

Step 5: After rolling the nem ran tom, leave in the cooling compartment of fridge in 30 minutes before frying. This is the secret to make the spring rolls crispier.

Step 6: While waiting the “nem” leaving in the fridge. You can prune the peacock to decorate the nem tom ran dish. Peacock-shaped spring rolls of Hue people usually use white radish for making head, carrot for crest, red chilli to create the mouth as well as the eye-catching body. Nem ran pieces will be the body. However, you can make the peacock body and spring rolls separately and then place them together on a dish also creating the stunning alternative.

Next, use white radish to make the peacock feather. Use carrot for eye and crest. Form water-drop shape to make tail more magnificent. The mouth made from carrot or chilli. After the trimmed steps, connect them all together by the bamboo toothpicks. Finally, take “nem” out to fry, and decorate.

Recipe for Vietnamese crispy shrimp spring rolls 6

Step 7: After leaving in the fridge in 30 minutes, take them out to fry. Place pan on the stove, add much oil, until boiling cooking oil, place spring rolls. Be careful to add “nem” when boiling oil to make it crispy and round. Turn all sides until golden brown. When they are done, transfer “nem ran” into a dish available with paper to absorb oil

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Final product:

Nem tom ran served with heating rice, fresh vegetables as well as sweet-sour dipping sauce will be very delish. This is the marine nem ran that many family cook for guest especially in Tet holiday. The recipe to make nem tom ran (the shrimp spring rolls) is quite simple and not time-consuming. You will experience the really tasty dish thanks to the crispy of woven rice-paper sheets, sweet meat and shrimps, the spicy and sweet dipping sauce. Let’s try to make “nem ran tom” to change your taste with! Good luck.

Recipe for Vietnamese crispy shrimp spring rolls 7

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