What do Scallops Taste Like?


You want to try preparing a new dish. You are thinking of cooking a seafood dish, healthy and fresh. Since you do not want to spend much time on preparing and cooking. You called your mother and she suggested you to buy some scallops and make any dish with it. It is the first time you have ever cooked scallops, so you are not sure what scallops taste like. Whether its taste is fishy or not because you extremely can’t eat fishy food.

This review will provide information about scallops, its taste and how to cook it properly to enjoy its true flavor.

Scallops’ taste

People said that scallops are “candy of the sea”, which means it tastes unique sweet and rich in flavor. Especially, sea scallops are sweeter than bay scallops. Like other seafoods, scallops have the saltwater smell and fresh taste. Some people say scallops are fishy as some kinds of fish, but they are not unless you bought the ‘old’ scallops. It is also said that the most special part of the scallops is its texture- a soft fleshy texture. Even for people those are very picky when eating seafood, they still enjoy the mild sweet flavor of the scallops.

Moreover, talking about scallops’ taste, some people describe it as chewy and soft as a marshmallow, but has seafood flavor. If scallops are properly cooked, they are even tender and moist with flavor. That’s why people always say scallops are tasty itself, they do not need to combine with any spices. True taste of scallops only been discovered when you cook them the right method or eat them raw. Compared to other seafoods, people describe scallop as similar as shrimp’s taste and texture which is pretty mild, smooth and neutrally. However, it will make the scallops rubbery and tough when you overcooked them.

General Information

Scallops are shellfish and the part we can eat is the abductor muscles between two shells. Like other seafoods, it is very difficult to distinguish between ‘fresh’ and ‘old’ scallops. Therefore, it is better to purchase scallops from a trustworthy supplier.

1. How to choose good scallops

  • Fresh scallops are plump and hold the shape
  • Pick dry-packed or diver-caught sea scallops for their high quality compared to bay scallops
  • If you buy scallops which already taken out the shells, do not buy scallops that are bright white in color, but should be shiny and creamy white
  • Do not worry if your scallops have an orange or pink tint, it means the scallops are nutrious.
  • Choosing scallops which are U10 size (under 10 of them/pound) because it is the best size for sweetness and texture.
  • If you want the recently caught scallops, choose the saltwater-smell ones

2. Scallops’ nutrious facts

It is incredible that seafood is the most healthies food, so you will be surprised when knowing how much nutrient you can consume when eating scallops.

  • Protein
  • Selenium
  • Choline
  • Zinc
  • Iodine
  • Vitamin B12
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium, and other nutrients

Comparing to other foods people often eat such as chicken and pork, we encourage you to consume seafood more usual to maintain a healthy body.

Preparing and cooking scallops

Firstly, if you buy scallops which already taken out the shells, it is very easy to clean them. You just need to wash them with cool water and let it dry before cooking. If you find any muscle still attach to the sides, remove it.

Secondly, it takes very little time to cook scallops. They can be used for searing, grilling, baking, poaching, or even eating it raw as you eat Japanese sashimi with mustard and sauce. However, you should not cook the scallops too long. Some popular scallop recipes which are easy to make and delicious, you can try such as Broiled scallops, pan-seared scallops, pasta with scallops and tomato sauce, scallops with white wine sauce, seared scallops with tropical salsa, or garlic-lemon scallops, etc. Pick one dish and look for a recipe to prepare an excellent scallop dish.

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Preparing a seafood dish is always the most favorite choice of many cooks since people can enjoy a fresh, mild, sweet, and tender taste when biting a piece of seafood. However, it is not easy in choosing and cooking seafood. If you pick the ‘old’ seafood, undercook or overcook any kind of seafood, you passively destroy the dish’s taste. Therefore, you can learn more about tips on picking seafoods and cooking methods in order to prepare tasty and healthy seafood dishes for your beloved ones.