What Is Shoe Peg Corn?

ShoePeg Corn – What is that? Many people would say that
what-is-shoe-peg-cornthey’ve never heard of this term. In fact, shoe peg corn is not a popular food that can be found easily at some food stores. Shoepeg corn is just mostly popular in some regions of United States, particularly in the South regions. Therefore, the interesting topic is going to be in further discussion today is “what is shoe peg corn?”

Shoe Peg Corn –  A Corn Family Plant

Shoepeg corn is just a corn family plant but the name of shoepeg corn is derived from a term related to shoemaking. During 19 century, the hand-made shoes were very popular, because people saw the kernels of shoepeg corn looked like the wooden pegs used in making shoes, people named this food shoepeg corn then.

Shoepeg Corn’s Description

Shoepeg Corn looks the same other corns that are widely grown around the world. The shoepeg corn plant is about 8 feet tall and has an about 8-inche-long ear with sweet white corn kernels, and the ear is wrapped with many layers of green husk outside, which looks just the same normal corns.

However, shoepeg corn looks a bit unusual in the way the kernels arranged on the cob because instead of being arranged in rows, the kernels are placed in a zigzag pattern. Plus, while the other corn plants just produce one ear, the shoepeg corn often produces more than one ear per plant, even 3 ears per plant. Also, like other corns, shoepeg corn can be grown by yourself by directly sowing their seed in the soil, the plant will grow and produces its ear at certain age then.

What Shoepeg Corn Is Used For?

Along with being used as livestock feed, shoepeg corn is the favorite food in some regions, especially people who can grow shoepeg corn themselves often store shoepeg corn by freezing and canning, so they always have the shoepeg corn available in the pantry, even in off-season like winter.

However, many people who are not used to shoepeg corn may wonder about the taste of this unusual corn? The taste of shoepeg corn is really amazing. It has sweet and milky taste and has a rich flavor, especially it can remain its texture after being cooked, so shoepeg corn is well-suited for roasting and slow cooking recipes.

Is Shoepeg Corn Available In Canned Versions?

Like other corns, shoepeg corn should be used right after being harvested in order to remain the great taste and flavor of it. However, shoepeg corn can’t be in season throughout the year, so along with using fresh shoepeg corn, there are still available for canned shoepeg corn in the food stores, so if you are curious about what the taste of shoepeg corn is like, you can buy it as canned product versions and of course, they are still great if you cook it properly.

What Shoepeg Corn Is Best Paired With?

It wouldn’t be difficult to search for recipes for shoepeg corn, just with a key word of “shoepeg  corn recipes” on the google, there will be numerous of recipes that shoepeg can go with but there would be several recipes that shoepeg corn is best paired with. One of them is shoepeg corn casserole recipe, this article wouldn’t include the whole guide for making it, but if you are interested in it, just check it out.