What Side Dishes Go Well with Chicken and Dumplings?


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You are going to have an Asian-American dinner with your university friends in which each of you will cook either an Asian dish or American dish for all to enjoy. You are not an Asian-dishes expert, so you decide to prepare a dish named somehow ‘Asian’ which is ‘Chicken and Dumplings’.

You expect that your Asian friends will be surprised when hearing the name, even though it is an original American dish. However, you are confused in choosing a good side dish to serve with it. This review gathers some most recommended side dishes with ‘Chicken and Dumplings.’

Although chicken and dumplings itself can stand as a completed dish with a wonderful aroma and enough nutrient, its flavor and taste is somehow so simple, light, and tender for some people. Therefore, people often choose another side dish to go with it for a better taste.

1. Green salad combination

The most favorite side dish that many people choose when asking ‘what dish goes well with Chicken and Dumplings’ is a green salad dish. Some kinds of salad they often have are:

  • Creamy cranberry apple salad
  • Coleslaw with cabbage
  • Coleslaw with a yeast roll
  • Potato salad
  • Pea salad
  • Mixed salad of different veggies and mayonnaise.
  • Crunchy Waldorf salad

Other green vegetables that are used to eat with chicken and dumplings you can also try are green beans cooked with bacon, cucumber with sour cream, steamed broccoli, sweet peas, stewed tomatoes, steamed carrots, yellow squash, fried eggplants, and green leafy vegetables.

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2. Heavier flavor dishes

Because the chicken and dumplings are soft and limp, many people love to prepare a side dish like fried okra, baked breaded okra, or fried zucchini, fried potatoes, fried corns, roasted sweet potatoes with sauce, or apple fritters. They are dumpy enough to make the dish tastes heavier.

3. More side dishes beside salad

If you would try something else besides salad but not too oily, following are some suggestions for a comfort and delicious bowl of chicken and dumplings.

  • Some breads like corn breads, toasted sandwiches, seasoned warm bread-sticks.
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Some biscuits or chocolate cookies
  • Broccoli with cheddar cheese sauce
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Green bean casserole

4. Great desserts

What is missing on the meal table? A good dish of dessert. It is not difficult to find a good dessert, just depends on your preference and follow it. Some easy desserts suggested by many people, which can go well with chicken and dumplings are coffee and cookies. For sweet-lovers, you can make a cup of strawberries or grapes dipped in chocolate. Moreover, it is yummy to combine a fruit with cheese such as peaches and cottage cheese If not, you can simply get some brownies, blueberry muffins, or ice-cream from the grocery store. Americans would prefer to have some apple pies or pumpkin pies after the chicken and dumplings.

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When it comes to chicken and dumplings, you have to be careful while preparing it. You have to make sure the dumplings are cooked well, otherwise you will still see ‘flour’ when biting. Also it can’t be too soft, which will destroy the whole meal. After the chicken and dumplings is ready, it is less difficult to prepare a side dish to serve with it. We hope you will have a great companion of your chicken and dumplings and any favorite side dish.

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