Three best Hue foods make people incredibly excited in the winter

In Hanoi capital you can still enjoy tasty flavor of specific Hue foods notably concluding bun bo hue (spicy beef noodle food), Nam Pho banh canh (rice noodle soup) and com hen (rice with mussels) which cannot be ignored by capital’s people.

1. Bun Bo Hue

Bun bo Hue gio heo recipe (Beef and Pork Leg Noodle Soup) is considered to be well-known for symbolizing Hue cuisine soul whenever people think of Hue which contains noodles, beef muscles, pork’s leg and broth with typical red color. Especially, the noodle soup that is served with multiple and fresh vegetables often concludes bean sprouts, aromatic herbs, beef muscles, lettuce, young cabbage and sliced banana blossoms. The broth is seasoned with shrimp paste, dried chili peppers and others to create the distinguished flavor of authentic bun bo hue.

Actually, it is not difficult to find a bun bo hue restaurant in Hanoi but to enjoy an authentic Hue flavor noodles needs thoughtful consideration. Then, one of the place that most of the gourmands in Hanoi choose named O Xuan in Hoan Kiem costs the high about 50,000-60,000 dong for one portion. Besides, Nghia Tan, Kim Lien, Lang Ha, Thai Thinh are also the famous destinations for the best bun bo hue with the average cost of 30,000 dong.

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2. Com hen

Among the delish foods of Co do (the old capital), com hen is rated on the top which is the combination of cold rice and mussels fried with oil and spices, mussel mixture soup, shrimp paste, cabbage, greaves, grilled girdle cake, crispy fried noodles, colored chili peppers, whole grain peanuts, fried oil cooking, black peppers, seasonings and salt. In fact, the fabulous food that fascinates a host of Hanoi people can be available in many places such as Thanh Cong, Mai Hac De, Nghia Tan, Thai Thinh, etc. from just 25,000 dong.

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3. Nam Pho Banh Canh

The dish featured by the red color of annatto seeds, the broth of crab meat and shrimp served with sliced chili peppers, coriander for increasing the flavor. Notably, banh canh made from rice flour is smooth and tasty. Remember to add a grilled crab seasoned pleasantly to create the fragrant taste and add the slightly condensed banh canh mixture soup increasing the natural aromatic sweet smell. These above ingredients reflect the skillful and unique creativity of Hue people in cuisine that symbolize the typicality and style of region

Last but not least, Mon Hue restaurant on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Vi Da restaurant on Tran Tu Binh or others reputed locations namely Nghia Tan, Hang Bong, Mai Hac De, etc. are addresses we would like to recommend when you want to change your appetite on the weekends into the best Vietnamese foods.

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