6 Vietnamese yummy dishes being utilized from old bread (banh mi)

Do not discard the old bread because these loaves can be processed once again for six following dishes that can surprise you absolutely.

1. Grilled banh mi

The tasty grilled bread can be processed thanks to doughy loaves. You just cut into very thin slices, then grill with garlic butter or sugar butter. Regarding banh mi with garlic butter, after cutting banh mi on the bias, place on the oven about 1-2 minutes until heating. After that, take bread out, rub the garlic butter onto their surface, continue buttering and sprinkling chopped sawleaves, add a little salt. Place bread into the oven and grill about 3-5 minutes until turning nice golden and fragrant.

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Regarding banh mi with sugar butter, we also slice them, bake again in the oven, butter the surface, grill in 5-7 minutes. Take them out and sprinkle sugar to cover the bread sides or you can sprinkle sugar as soon as buttering. Banh mi with sugar and butter will be protected into the bottle in 5-7 days.

old bread

2. Pate banh mi

Pate is the indispensible ingredient in a loaf of mixed bread. To make pate, utilizing the old bread is the great idea. In fact, ingredients for pate include pork liver, minced pork, banh mi, fresh milk, onion, garlic, and spices. First, split milk into two separate parts: one to soak liver, the other half to soak shredded bread in 1-2 minutes. Take liver out, then cut into thinly slices, stir-fry with pork meat, onion, garlic, bread. After that, grind them well. Place the ground mixture into khuon, steam in 20-30 minutes. Leave cool then place into the fridge, take out when eating.

old bread pate

3. Grilled banana cake

Grilled banana cake is familiar to the Vietnamese Southern people, that features fragrant, nice color and sticky. In fact, old bread plays an important role in making the cake.

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To begin with, soak sliced banana in sugar within a little salt, leave in a half day. Next, shred thinly old bread, soak in fresh milk combined with a little sugar, salt, butter and coconut milk. Then, butter the cake mold, place a layer of banh mi at the bottom, then a layer of banana, and a layer of bread, finally assemble banana slices in the cake surface. Next step, heat the oven in 10 minutes at 180°C. Place cake into oven, grill at 160°C in 60 minutes, then lower the heat at 130°C, grill more 60 minutes until cake turns nice golden and fragrant.

Leave cake cool naturally, then take them out and place to the fridge, cut into slices when eating.

old bread 1

4. Banh Mi salad

Banh mi salad includes cucumber, tomatoes considered as a familiar starter in Western countries. It is popular thanks to the simple ingredients, recipe as well as healthiness.

To make this dish, slice old bread thinly, rub a layer of olive oil to the both sides at 180°C in 3-4 minutes, take out until cool, cut into cubes. Then add tomatoes, cucumber, basil those are all cut into cubes, and mix with the bread pieces, add olive oil, vinegar, a little black-pepper salt powder, mix well, enjoy while cold. You can serve with canned tuna if you want.

old bread salat

5. Steamed banh mi

Apart from grilling bread, steaming recipe is believed to be the simple dish made from old bread. First, sprinkle some water drops towards bread’s sides to make it softer, cut across, then steam in 3 minutes until cake is slightly tender.

Prepare a few thinly sliced spring onions, heat the cooking oil, then add spring onion and mix well. Add a little salt to make the greased scallions (mo hanh). When cake is cooked finely, place “mo hanh” on the surface. Finally, serve with sour-sweet dipping sauce.

old bread 2

6. Fried pork fat (top mo)

Many Vietnamese cakes such as “bánh bèo”, “bánh căn” or “bánh mì xíu mại” (steamed rice cake with dried shrimp, mini pancake and meatball sandwich, respectively in English translation) cannot lack the distinct dish called fried pork fat. However, if “top mo” made from banh mi instead of pork fat, those above foods will not be greasy at all.

Actually, to make fried fat is very easy because you just cut the old bread into small cubes, then place to the heating oil, fry until turning nice golden color, take them out to drain the oil. One essential tip: do not fry bread pieces so long to avoid being fired. Add a little salt when frying to make the fried fat crunchier and slightly salty, that will make the dish tastier.

Six above recipes are simple, aren’t they? runcooking.com hope that you will make it successfully.

old bread 3