Wonton wrappers in grocery store


Where to find wonton wrappers?

Sometimes you want to make egg rolls, dumplings, pasta, and ravioli, but you don’t know where you can find wonton wrappers for making covers. If you are in the U.S, you can find wonton wraps in most of the Asian or Chinese grocery stores and other famous food chains such as Wallmart, H.E.B, Winn-Dixie, Kroger, Supervalue, etc.

However, it would take much time to roam around in the supermarket to find wonton wrappers when you don’t know where it is in the store actually. In this case, you might look around the produce section in which most refrigerated or frozen materials and foods are kept at the Albertson food chain. If not, do some searching in the fresh vegetable section, near the bagged salad or near the cheese and tofu.

Also, wonton wrappers could be placed after the salad aisle, where they keep fresh salsa as well. At Wallmart food chain, wonton wrappers are kept in a small section, together with exotic stuff and organic foods. At the Kroger, they are in the organic dairy section. Wonton wrappers are on the bottom shelf, where they keep the soy sauce. At Asian grocery stores, they are kept with other Asian foods such as tofu, fresh eggs, rice noodles, and other dried seafoods.

In general, it depends on the supermarket and grocery store’s arrangement of sections in which wonton wrappers are kept, so just simply ask the store server/seller to find the right location if you could not find it in possible sections as we said earlier.

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Tips for buying wonton wrappers

Firstly, if there is any Asian or Chinese grocery store nearby or in the neighborhood, it is better to go there to buy because the price is just ½ or 1/3, compared to the price at other supermarkets/food chains.

Secondly, the frozen wonton wrappers aren’t as good as the fresh wrappers. The frozen ones are dry, thick, and easy to break when cooking.

Thirdly, two popular brands of wonton wrappers are Dynasty and Nasoya.

Fourthly, the good wonton wrappers for cooking have thin or medium skins. The too thick wonton wrappers can make the filling overly doughy when cooking.

Also, egg wonton wrappers with pure white color are more delicious than egg-less and yellow wonton wrappers. However, eggless wonton wrappers are suitable for vegetarians.

Finally, do you want to test the freshness of the wrappers? Just run your fingers on the stack. If the skins are mashed together, it means they are not fresh anymore.

Can we make wonton wrappers?

Yes, we can.

I have a friend in Spain who loves eating Asian dumplings, but it is very difficult for her to buy wonton wrappers because it is almost not sold in supermarkets, but in speciality Chinese grocery stores.

Therefore, she learns how to make wonton wrappers at home so that whenever she wants to cook Asian dumplings or egg rolls, she can have wonton wrappers be ready. The method turns out to be very simple, as she said. You just need to have flour, water, egg, and corn starch for dusting, and a glass bottle to roll out the dough.


In this review, we have shared you some locations in the grocery stores where you can find wonton wrappers and some buying tips. We hope you enjoy the review. Also, if you would like to make wonton wrappers at home, it is possible and simple, we are very willing to share with you the instructions as well.

Enjoy your Asian dishes with wonton wrappers.